Mat Minutiae: Worlds Collide

This is it! The somewhat-anticipated return of Mat Minutiae — this time as a triple-length, 30+ minute tour de force — featuring a steaming hot mess of complaints, grievances and other associated nonsense along with special appearances by Mr. Akbaz, star of various and sundry podcasts on, as well as Nemar “King Magnus” Wells, co-host of the celebrated VoC Nation radio show.

Additionally, the esteemed Chauncey “The Gaudy” Fentura enters the fray, offering his caustically irreverent musings on the state of pro wrestling and the quality of Internet-based wrestling-themed psudeojournalism. Is this the end of Mat Minutiae as we know it? Is this pulse-pounding episode the equivalent of a Nibiru-sized collision that’s ultimately destined to annihilate this award-nominated podcast? Listen and find out, bitches.

By the way, this episode is offered as an m4a, enhanced audio file that’s iPod compliant. So…you’re welcome.

8 Responses to Mat Minutiae: Worlds Collide

  1. Avatar VOC
    VOC says:

    Seagrams 7 my ASS!! We are at least the Vladimir Vodka Show of the Week!

  2. Avatar Kevin McElvaney
    Kevin McElvaney says:

    Brady DO NOT cancel Mat Minutiae.

    • Avatar ChaunceytheGaudy
      ChaunceytheGaudy says:

      Kevin is a brilliant man! Save Bassler’s Assler!

      Those who wish to save this magnificent show, Mat Manure, should let their voices…er…keying… be ….crap….read by Barbie Helks!

  3. Avatar mrakbaz
    mrakbaz says:

    dumpster dog needs you!!!!!

  4. Avatar technojojo
    technojojo says:

    Wow Chauncey is one of the mosy entertaining guys I’ve heard on any podcast.

    • Avatar ChaunceytheGaudy
      ChaunceytheGaudy says:

      You bet your bundt cake I am!

  5. Avatar ChaunceytheGaudy
    ChaunceytheGaudy says:

    Well done, Bassler. The web’s most interesting man, yours truly, strikes again! Ol’ boy Bradley Hacks will have no choice but to keep pumping his spare change and wampom into this show!

  6. Avatar Young John
    Young John says:

    Good sir, you nailed it with the Rocketeer mask. And that Marilyn Monroe wannabe was, in fact, Jennifer Connelly.