Squash Match Sunday-13

• 3 matches will be spotlighted every Sunday morning based on their nostalgic qualities, their in-ring performances, their campiness, and their performers’ contributions to today’s wrestling world.
• Not EVERY match will be a squash, but it’s always nice to see the fan favorite totally dominate.
• Main event of Squash Match Sunday will normally have a title on the line, and will ALWAYS be a quality wrestling match.

…Let’s get to the action!


Our Early Bird Special is serving a heaping helping of Sunday Night Heat action, where WWF Tag Team Champ Kane (who apparently wore a mask early on in his career???) takes on the Big Boss Man.



TNA gets….EXTREEEEMEEEE! Now usually those two words don’t go together (TNA and extreme), but this match between Raven and Sandman did get quite “ultra-violent” in this Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match. The only way to defeat your opponent is to throw them through two tables from the top of “Raven’s nest”.

Things to keep an eye/ear out for:

• I usually quote something funny/weird that Don West says. However, I don’t feel like typing out every single word he utters in this video. Enjoy the goofiness that is….Don West.
• Here’s a tidbit you might not have noticed throughout this match….KEVIN FRIGGIN SULLIVAN PAINTED A REFEREE SHIRT ON HIMSELF!
• Again, I apologize for having to show you David Flair in a wrestling ring. If you get nauseous, please alert the stewardess and a vomit bag will be brought to your seat shortly.


YOUR Main Event of the Morning takes us to WCW Starrcade 1986 as the Road Warriors take on the Midnight Express in the (in)famous Scaffold match. While this match showcases very little wrestling, it does show the innovation that came from the South in terms of pushing the envelope and showcasing their top talents in high profile matches.


Your main event worthy commentary of the afternoon:

• If there were a match rating system based on how long Tony Schiavone’s microphone cord is, this would be properly rated.
• I would have thought they would start the match on the ground, but I forgot they aren’t trying to kill time ala WWE.
• I wonder if Mad Man Pondo was watching this match from his barbed-wire cradle…
• Granted, I don’t know how the hell I would react after dropping 25 feet into a wrestling ring. But Jim Cornette’s immediate reaction after falling has to be the best sell I’ve seen in a looong while.

Well that about does it from my end, enjoy your Sunday afternoon!

One Response to Squash Match Sunday

  1. Avatar Jason
    Jason says:

    It was great because it wasnt really a sell job. Cornette tore up his knee when he fell. He was supposed to land on Bossman and knock him over too which would allow Bossman to catch him and cushion the fall. Bossman forgot or was in the wrong place and he came straight down and his knee buckled. So he was in real big time pain there because he didnt brace for the fall as expected.

    Definitely a southern style match. These were a staple of Memphis wrestling before and after this. They never really caught on anywhere else (ECW tried a few) mainly because the wrestling itself stinks so they had to rely on the crowds and connection with the crowd which they used to have in Memphis but not alot of other places. I remember how bad the PN News/Bobby Eaton vs Steve Austin/Terry Taylor tag match was years later. Putting a giant fat rapper wrestler with no talent on a scaffold was, in hindsight, not the most brilliant of ideas.