The Extreme Odd Couple-7


This episode of The Extreme Odd Couple is the Draft: Dimension and Corino are each given a Show (Nitro and Thunder) and must now draft to save Professional Wrestling from being over taken by the Evil Vince McMahon. Who will Corino choose? What does Dimension have up his sleeve? Who decides they will NOT work for the new bookers? It’s like a Fantasy Draft…so just enjoy it! Pus, they discuss what show is better..The Walking Dead or Once Upon a Time? They head to the Nielson ratings chart for the answer…now if they can only figure it out! All this and more…it’s the Holiday season…so while wrapping gifts, drinking egg nog or beating your significant other…listen in. Happy Holidays from Corino and Dimension.

One Response to The Extreme Odd Couple

  1. Avatar Harry Barnett
    Harry Barnett says:

    Fantasy Draft? Where have I heard that before? Oh, Steven. I knew you were a fan of mine all along!