Between The Ropes: Tully Blanchard-3

VOC Nation TV will not be on this week on so that we may continue to bring you coverage from WrestleMania XXVIII weekend down in Miami, courtesy of our friend Brian Fritz with Between the Ropes, at From Between the Ropes:

When you think of excellence in wrestling, you think of the Four Horsemen.  This Saturday night at the America Airlines Arena in Miami, FL, the Horsemen will take their rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame. One of the original members of the legendary group is Tully Blanchard, someone who — as Shawn Michaels put it — was the first cool bad guy in wrestling.  He was brash, pompous and just a bad dude.  He had a swagger to him even though he typically let his action doing the talking more than his words.  But when he needed to, he could more than a talk a good game too. He would always wear those designers suits but never with a tie.  Oh no, that was for the ‘Nature Boy’.  Tully had  the fly boy look with the top few buttons of his shirt undone and his big classy sunglasses.  It was fantastic. When the talking was done, he was a technician in the ring whether pounding the snot out of Dusty Rhodes on his own or teaming with Arn Anderson to give a clinic on tag-team wrestling. I spoke with Tully about his upcoming induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, being a member of the Four Horsemen and living that lifestyle, if he ever hit his prime after retiring from the business at the age of 35, working with a young Shawn Michaels, some memories of his father Joe Blanchard who recently passed away and much more.

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