Michael Sloman, The Wrestling Hip Hop/Poet

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What is going on, Wrestling Fans!!!!

My name is Michael Sloman and I have been an avid WWE/F wrestling fan since I was nine years old. I’m 26 now and consider it to be one of my biggest passions in life.

I also am a spoken word poet/hip hop mc and writer since the age of thirteen, and for the past several years I have been writing songs and poems related to WWE stories and characters.  In fact, I have attached a song I wrote for John Cena called “Tribute to You” that I have attempted multiple times to get to Cena himself. I gave a copy of the song to Mick Foley two months ago at his comedy show in Scotia, NY, hoping that he would give the cd to Cena. Who knows if he ever did. I then tried WWE Music in NYC a ton of times, but I’m sure you can understand how difficult it is for  a no name with no inside connections to get a shot. Then this past Friday night, I gave a copy to Jerry the King Lawler at a Northeast Wrestling show in Poughkeepsie, NY. He said he’d give it to Cena, too, but again who really knows. If you are a Cena fan, I hope you can relate the sentiment the song conveys. If not, I understand too, and actually have a rap song for The Rock too called “Eyebrows to the Sky” which I’ll post at another time.

Along with all of the songs and poems I will be posting about WWE, I also write articles as well! I have a Master’s in creative writing from the College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY, and I’m looking forward to sharing my creative ideas with all of you! Big up to Brady Hicks for bring me on the site!
Michael Sloman

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