Bowling Shoe Handsome – Wrestling with Hegemony

The web’s premier “punk rock ‘n wrestling” podcast, Bowling Shoe Handsome, airs each week. It’s packed tight with information and musings about pro wrestling and pop culture. Plus: it features tunes from some of the world’s best punk rock, indie, and alternative artists!

This week, Kevin talks about the strange phenomenon of the “rebel” becoming “the man” – both in WWE and elsewhere. Plus, a final preview of this weekend’s Road to Ruin Fest and the reason why Scott Steiner might just become a social media pioneer.

Musical Playlist:

3rd Year Freshman – Two Days Ago I Turned Punk Rock
Sweet Baby – Let’s All Go to Europe
Dry Feet – Long Live Dry Feet
Sass Dragons – Workhorse

Download this week’s podcast:

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