Lies Addressed

This post is only in response to the public smear campaign launched against Brady by several individuals. It is a final response, and not an attack. No plans are in place by Brady to comment on anyone, personally or professionally, any more than has been done or is mentioned below. We here at think enough has been said and want this feud to end.

Bruce Wirt Claims …
Brady Hicks fired the first shot, airing the “dirty laundry” in the first place, and prompting him to follow suit.

The Truth Is …
When Hicks ranted about Bruce, Albert, and Erik on IN THE ROOM (4/24), he decided NOT to air it live or in any other form, as Wirt, himself, told DJ that he would not speak publicly on the matter on either show. It was then Wirt – on his program (4/25) – who proceeded to attack Hicks, personally and professionally, laying all of his issues out for the public. This prompted Hicks to subsequently air his 4/24 program in podcast-only form, only to defend himself.

Bruce Wirt Claims …
Hicks ambushed him, calling him on the air on 4/24 after 11 PM EST.

The Truth Is …
Hicks called Wirt to sort out their issues, but it was 9:45 PM EST, not 11 PM EST. This call is time-stamped in a joke by DJ on the show, referencing it as being before 10 PM EST.

Bruce Wirt Claims …
Hicks approached Erik Hauck (WrestlingMarx) about being used by in a capacity similar to how he was used by Bruce.

The Truth Is …
It was Hauck who approached Hicks with the idea of delivering guests in exchange for airtime on IN THE ROOM. Only after telling Wirt, face-to-face, of Erik’s offer (and receiving Wirt’s consent), did Hicks agree to this deal and subsequently allow Erik to make an apparance on IN THE ROOM, as well as to allow him to do his own podcast, for which he also received approval from Wirt. 

Bruce Wirt Claims …
Hicks tried to actively recruit Albert Caraballo (Smooth) away from his staff.

The Truth Is …
Hicks informed Caraballo that he could always have a home at should either Wirt stop running shows or should Caraballo be let go.

Bruce Wirt Claims …
He would never think of using performers, citing DJ, Kevin McElvaney, and Mr. Akbaz as examples.

The Truth Is …
Kevin McElvaney and DJ were each used in segments on VOC Nation programs, McElvaney without any prior indication to Hicks.

Bruce Wirt Claims …
IN THE ROOM only entered a syndication agreement with GoFightLive because
VOC Nation did so first.

The Truth Is …
Brady Hicks and IN THE ROOM have a longstanding relationship with GoFightLive, dating back to early 2011, before Hicks ever even met Wirt.

Bruce Wirt Claims …
Hicks attempted to recruit Ratboy for a podcast on

The Truth Is …
He did, but with Wirt’s full knowledge, as the proposed show was conceived during a car ride back from Atlanta in which all three were together. Hicks would later rescind his offer when learning of Wirt’s true feelings. Coincidentally, Hicks also conceived the idea for “Absolutely Damaged, starring RB” on this trip. This segment Wirt would proceed to air.

11 Responses to Lies Addressed

  1. Avatar Belongamick
    Belongamick says:

    Hicks is quickly approaching Vinnie Mac and Hogan in his list of denials. The reality, DJ warned us right from the getgo Wirt was a worker, but did Hicks listen. What did we get from the whole VOC deal, zip. ITR was redhot through it’s own hard work when the whole VOC nonsense became involved and it went no-where. I love Ratboy though.


  2. Avatar mrakbaz
    mrakbaz says:

    you wanted that freak malcom maniac on the site that guys lame

  3. Avatar harry
    harry says:

    I still dont know or care what a VOC is

  4. Avatar Jason
    Jason says:

    Pretty crazy stuff. The way I saw that was that it was nice publicity for both sites. To get up in arms about people going on other shows or possibly thinking of looking for work elsewhere seems kind of silly.

    • The whole thing was silly, Jason, and it got way too personal this week. I ran with those guys for about a year. Just oo much drama.

  5. Avatar Anthony
    Anthony says:

    Not to bad mouth anyone, but they mooched off of US. Brady built this, while VOC had a money mark backer. (Tongue in cheek)

    • Avatar Anthony
      Anthony says:

      Let me re-phrase. They mooched off of Brady.

      • Thanks, Anthony. Like I was telling one of the listeners who e-mailed me … I feel like this clears it up for the people who want to believe me, and those who don’t wouldn’t have anyway. I consider it over.

  6. Avatar Anthony
    Anthony says:

    All I know Brady is this better not be some kind of work.

  7. Avatar VOC
    VOC says:

    I love this misrepresentation of the truth. Yes Brady Hicks, you can lie to others, but your lies to yourself will be the ones you have to live with forever. Public Smear campaign??? I kept this entire ordeal private until you “aired” your rant LIVE on WEXP FOLLOWING your facebook jabs. There was no reason for me to slam you in public, I was already sick of your mooching. Moneymark backer? Who would that be? VOC was built by my own money and my own hard work and networking. And “fired you”??? When did that happen? Nemar and I made a conscious decision to rotate Albert, Brady, and Erik to mix up the broadcasts. You can’t fire someone who never worked for you…. But considering Brady’s lack of respect for what VOC is, it’s funny how he was so hurt by being removed from the team. Enjoy your podcast moochers….the worldwide mothership has bigger fish to fry. I sure do wish I could have been in studio one week on WEXP…take a picture for me next time you’re there! hahahahahaha

  8. Avatar dividebyzero
    dividebyzero says:

    Couldn’t care less for the VOC. Sorry fellas (VOC), but your schick was lame. Your analysis weak at best. Keep up the good work, Brady!

    Loyal listener and Match Madness winner,

    PS. ITR needs DJ