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Issue 2: May 10-13, 2012

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TOP OF TNA – PPV Archive Now on YouTube
TNA is putting it’s entire library of archived pay-per-views (back to 2004) on YouTube, with ’11 and ’12 shows to be added shortly. They can be viewed for a week for just $0.99.

TOP OF WWE – John Cena Getting a Divorce
Multiple-time WWE and World Heavyweight Champion John Cena is divorcing his wife of three years – and high-school sweetheart – Kim, reportedly blindsiding her by filing the paperwork. Kim, who will be represented by Linda Bollea (Hogan)’s “70%” attorney, has gone on record saying their marriage had some issues but that she did not know it was headed down that road. She had signed a pre-nup; she turned down a pre-divorce financial settlement proposed by Cena.

Combat Zone Wrestling returns to iPPV tomorrow, May 12, 2012, for CZW Proving Grounds, LIVE at 7:30 PM EST from the Parkwood Youth Organization, 3301 Mechanicsville Rd., Philadelphia, PA. CZW Heavyweight Champion MASADA issues an Open Challenge, Danny Havoc vs. Drew Gulak (No Ropes, Barbed Wire), CZW Junior Heavyweight Champion Drake Younger vs. BLK Jeez, CZW Tag Team Champions Azrieal and Bandido, Jr. vs. The Runaways, CZW Wired TV Champion Dave Crist vs. Jake Crist, Lucky tHURTeen vs. Ruckus, Greg Excellent vs. Matt Tremont, and Latin Dragon vs. Alexander James vs. Shane Strickland. For tickets and ordering information, visit

TNA Impact, Orlando, FL
–Brooke Tessmacher p Velvet Sky [2:09] … Crimson d Matt Morgan [0:12] by count-out, after interference by Bully Ray … X Champion Austin Aries p Zema Ion [4:52] … TV Champion Brother Devon d Robbie E (with Robbie T) [3:41] to retain the title … Rob Van Dam won a Non-Title Fatal Four-Way Match against TNA Champion Bobby Roode, Jeff Hardy, and Mr. Anderson [9:14], pinning Roode. (05/10/2012)

TNA Impact Ratings
TNA Champion—Bobby Roode
1. Rob Van Dam
2. X Austin Aries
3. Jeff Hardy
4. Mr. Anderson
5. TV Brother Devon
6. Bully Ray
7. Kurt Angle
8. AJ Styles
9. Christopher Daniels
10. Kazarian

Knockout’s Champion—Gail Kim
1. Brooke Tessmacher
2. Velvet Sky

TBH.COM NEWS – Papadon LIVE, ITR Debate
Make sure you submit a name for the new Papadon show, which will air live starting next Thursday at 9:30 PM EST. To submit a name and possibly win the new Papadon t-shirt, visit Also … a great discussion on the Montreal Screwjob now up on IN THE ROOM this week, plus so much more! Interested in writing/podcasting/videocasting for Be sure to send an e-mail to

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  1. Avatar Jason
    Jason says:

    Since ITR was buried I thought Id comment here on it. I definitely remember the Bret Hart deal in AC. I think the show was in the old convention center which is why they had the underground parking lot. I think it was one of the last things they had there before moving to the new one down the road. One of the other reasons I think it was tough to know at first that it was Hart was because his hair was in a ponytail rather than his usual long, down, and greasy look he always had on TV. I guess he must put the gel in it before the show begins. I think it was that show where we also saw Dustin Rhodes that day waiting to get our tickets from the window. He came in the front door with his kid on his shoulders and like everyone went running to be around him. It was so different than when I would go to the shows at MSG and the Meadowlands where you were totally isolated from being anywhere around the wrestlers and you would never have those weird opportunities to see the guys.

    Still amazed how many people talk about that screwjob. I used to think work now I think it was real. Definitely one of the most famous matches of the time and launched the internet craze of wrestling. Before that Id go online every now and then but it was pretty limited. I used to get a few copies of newsletters that I would come across when my friends and I went to ECW shows in north jersey but there was little of that online. I think it was Scoops and 1wrestling as the news rumors sites(which were just more or less reprinting what they would read in the WON and Torch at least until Ryder began to get buddy buddy with the WCW people) and a few match review sights like Netcop, Micasa, wrestleline, etc…Everything exploded with the screwjob and I think really ushered in the mainstream “smark” era of wrestling. Eventually it would have happened anyway, but that screwjob really made the internet a huge part of the scene.