IN THE ROOM SuperShow – WWE Over The Limit Pre-Game Edition

This week IN THE ROOM, Brady Hicks is joined by DJ, Derrick McDonald, and Mr. Akbaz as the gang runs down WWE’s upcoming Over The Limit pay-per-view for ITR’s special, once-a-month UNCENSORED super-show, with predictions. What are the guys thoughts on the matches this Sunday and what we might possibly see? Plus … Rob Van Dam and Ric Flair being mentioned on (and what their chances are of going back to WWE some day), Mark Henry’s ailments, DJ goes to great lengths to try to explain to Brady what is wrong with today’s version of IN THE ROOM … and a few harsh words are delivered for ol’ Watermelon-Head Wirt.

5 Responses to IN THE ROOM SuperShow – WWE Over The Limit Pre-Game Edition

  1. Avatar Anthony
    Anthony says:

    Why is there a tiger growling in the background?

    • Strangest thing … I think we decided an exorcism was performed IN THE ROOM without our knowledge.

  2. Avatar Belongamick
    Belongamick says:

    I though it was Cain from Robocop 2 resurrected by DJ to shoot Hicks for killing the podcast

  3. Avatar mraklbaz
    mraklbaz says:

    man i thought there was a poltergeist in my laptop, i was freaking out, the evil demons cease at about fourteen minutes into the show thankfully, lol

  4. Avatar BigErn
    BigErn says:

    Nice podcast … I didn’t hear a tiger but more of a poltergeist a la mrakbaz. It had me spitting up gum like the student dude in Ghostbusters when Venkman/Bill Murray was shocking the male student and sparing the hottie.

    Anyway, I cannot believe that I am the first to comment on ‘old’ (almost 20 hours) news of Raw going three hours permanently and Crapact going live for the summer …

    Like pretty much everybody else, I really did not like the whole three hour announcement for Raw (hell the two hours shows have filler) but there could be a silver lining (unlikely as it is) if they:
    – emphasized, really, ALL the titles now (build meatier programs around all belts including the US and Intercontinental as well as tag team)
    – CALL UP SOME FCW guys and gals (Hero, Rollins, Steamboat, Harris, Guerrero as well as others)
    – create a real tag team division (starting with the current lame crop and adding Hero and Claudio, then pull a couple of promising FCWs together)
    – put Ross back on Raw (to get us through the three hours) and keep Cole to Smackdown
    … and so much more. Hell it would be nice to see Paul Heyman running Smackdown again and getting a John L/Paul Heyman thing going. As far as other suggestions, there can be more but I don’t have the time (oh yeah, get divas who can work and have 5 to 10 minute+ matches). Too much to ask I am sure.

    As far as Crapact, I see no difference in ratings going live. They were around 1.2 or so before Hogan/Bitchoff and they are under that with a much bigger payroll now. I don’t see how going live will get them back beyond a 1.2 average at best. If it does reach 1.2 then t here is always Brooke Hogan making her debut to hammer the ratings down again.

    Cheers to all!

    PS … sorry Brady, I am of the common opinion that the Montreal screwjob was a shoot. Yes, Vince and a lot of the parties involved made it work for them (not Hart but who could see that coming? seems to me that Hogan kept him down) but I think that was a genius (Vinnie Mac) making the best lemonade possible out of some really nasty lemons and he had a perfect storm of sorts. It makes me wonder what would have happened if there was no Stone Cold and if Vince had no really strong protagonist to go against antagonist Mr. McMahon. I would not be shocked it if was a work but it would be the most finely crafted and intelligent work in the history of rasslin.