IN THE ROOM with the Urban Wrestling Federation’s Shawn Credle

This week, Brady Hicks is joined IN THE ROOM by Shawn Credle, the announcer for the Urban Wrestling Federation, as the company prepares for its Turf War pay-per-view this Sunday, May 27th. Check it out as one of the top voices on the independent scene today talks about the growing young promotion, plus the joys of working under Samoan legends such as Afa and Samu in WXW, getting a tryout with WWE, and who are some of the top managers and announcers to ever stand at ringside. All that, and so much more! Check out! Plus, a special announcement regarding the former WWE Diva who will be coming IN THE ROOM next week, “Coach” Jim Shorts calls in to talk ECWA “Raising The Bar,” Saturday, June 2nd in Newark, Delaware, and Brady and Derrick talk WWE Over the Limit and Raw. Tune in to find out what worked and what didn’t in WWE this week, plus Brady’s trip to Long Island for the New York Wrestling Connection, how WWE can fill a three-hour Raw, TNA talent invading WWE, and how important Mr. McMahon was to Steve Austin. Check it out today, and thanks, as always, for the constant support!

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