IN THE ROOM with YouShoot! Live’s Sean Oliver, ECWA’s “Heart Killer” Chris Wylde

This week, Brady Hicks, Derrick McDonald, and Anthony Sarlo are joined IN THE ROOM by Sean Oliver of, as he talks all about the upcoming YouShoot! Live edition with Vince Russo in Monroe, NJ, June 1st, in association with Legends of the Ring. In addition, “Heart Killer” Chris Wylde from the East Coast Wrestling Association steps IN THE ROOM to talk about his upcoming TWA Heavyweight title shot against Breaker Morant, for the ECWA’s “Divide and Conquer” show this Saturday in Newark, Delaware. Plus, Brady and the gang talk in-depth about Brock Lesnar, John Cena, if it really mattered who won their Extreme Rules match, and the meteoric rise of Daniel Bryan. All that, and so much more. Thanks, as always, for the support!

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  1. I did hear the Wade Keller/Vince Russo interview and was surprised at how candid Vince Russo was despite the criticisms that are all too well known. It went better than I had expected. I would look forward to seeing him in YouShoot! and you could throw hard balls at him unlike how Dixie as treated (that was some soft stuff if I ever saw it) … although the Cornette call in was pretty funny.

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