The Extreme Odd Couple with Steve Corino-10

XOC Podcast #27 – “Something’s In The Basement”

On this week’s The Extreme Odd Couple – Steve Corino & Rob Dimension discuss sitting idle and having a break through moment. What’s that feel like or even..look like? Steve talks about his relationship with Kevin Steen and getting caught up in the moment in RoH. Dimension reveals some casting news for the new film “No Clowning Around” and how YOU can be a part of it. Visit as things progress. Rob also tries to figure out why Corino is so rude and brings up the term “Zilch”. All this and so much more on this week’s Extreme Odd Couple Podcast. Look for us on iTunes and download the app on Stitcher Radio or stream us on – Follow us on Twitter @SteveCorino, @RobDimension & @XOCProducer

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