Between the Ropes-9

Today on Between the Ropes, Brian Fritz talks about tonight’s edition of Impact Wrestling, Austin Aries and the conference call he did earlier in the day with the media, the upcoming Destination X PPV and John Cena and comments he made on Raw.  Plus, Matt Hardy discusses the upcoming Extreme Rising show on Friday and Saturday night which he will be a part of, be a social media pioneer and how involved he is, how he is physically, concussions in the wrestling business and how many he has suffered and worked through, what the past few years have been like for him and what he has learned, where he is at in his life, his time in TNA and more. Today’s show is brought to you by, the pain-free online relief for traffic school.  Go to enter in the promo code “BTR” and receive 20% off for being a Between The Ropes listener.

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