IN THE ROOM with a Mystery Diva, MWR’s Brian Kelley

“Anthony gets Joey Ryan, Kevin gets Barry Horowitz, DJ gets Don West, and I get … *******. I hate you, Brady.” — Derrick McDonald

This week, IN THE ROOM‘s Brady Hicks, Anthony Sarlo, and Derrick McDonald proudly welcome a mystery diva who has recently appeared on Raw. You won’t want to miss what this young lass has to say … we’re not even putting her name in the description for fear of reprisal. Plus Brian Kelley – a representative of Missouri Wrestling Revival – hops on to talk about the group’s 2011 Yearbook and other MWR stuff, Dan Law from Hell in a Cell Talk Radio (Wednesday nights, 9:30 PM EST, right here on phones in, and Brady, Derrick, and Anthony talk wrestling news, including Austin Aries’ main-event push, TNA’s strides, WWE programming, and the Ken Doane-Mickie James-John Cena love triangle! All that and so … much … more. Thanks, as always, for the support, guys and girls! For more on the MWR, check out

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