Photo by ROH Wrestling

Format change, guys, for my own sanity.

As I sat at my desk last night watching The Papadon Show, Saturday Night Jones and Akbaz, and What’s Wrong With Wrestling process so that I could schedule them for their respective slots and go to bed dreaming of my weekend reunion with – quite literally – my dream girl, I decided to watch some of Impact.

I’ll be honest … it’s not something that is always an easy decision.

The crazy thing is (and Harry Barnett will accuse me of being a shill) that the show has been getting better every week for about two months now. I LOVE Fight Night, I LOVE Gut Check, and I LOVE this new concept of being more reality based. The stories are better, the wrestling is just as good as ever, they’ve got Austin Aries, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Chris Daniels, and so many others in really good spots now.

There was a time when I would rather sit and watch the minutes tick by on my DVR while Impact was playing, where I couldn’t get through the opening segment without dozing off. Last night I noticed about an hour in that I was more than halfway through the show … and I felt rewarded for that. Very refreshing.

Sure, I have complaints about logic from time to time. But if you take the time to watch Raw every week then it’s very easy to find a lot of plot holes on that show as well. The bottom line is that TNA is really trying to win back those fans that it lost while also working overtime to win over those fans it never really had.

And I can really kind of dig that.


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