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A Diva who was on Raw not too long ago has agreed to come IN THE ROOM tonight, and I couldn’t be more excited.

After all, one of the glaring holes on WWE Raw last night (and it’s something I’ve spoken about in the past but had no idea just how bad it was) is the sad, sad state of WWE’s Women’s division. Obviously it’s been devolving for a while but has never been so apparent as last night when we all saw just how many under-developed (CHARACTER-WISE … pervs) the women are who have been thrust into the spotlight.

Yesterday, I had the chance to talk to one of those Divas who was on Raw not too long ago, and she has agreed to come IN THE ROOM right here (courtesy of Spreaker Radio and WEXP Philly) LIVE, at 9:30 PM EST. All that, plus Brian Kelley of Missouri Wrestling Revival, an open phone line – (609) 755-5ITR, and Brady Hicks, Derrick McDonald, and Anthony Sarlo talking all the wrestling news for an hour and a half! Be sure to check it all out tonight, right here on!

But seriously, about this division. Without Kelly Kelly and The Bellas – and that’s to say nothing to missing Kharma, Eve Torres, Melina, and so many other decent wrestlers – I think WWE is at a dangerous point with this division. In the past, the company has obviously been in a position where they’ve had less Divas on the roster, but it was not a good time in WWE’s history when just one or two women were carrying all the load. Also keep in mind that the last time that was the case, they weren’t looking to fill 10+ hours of  TV/Internet time each week.

There has to be a breaking point.

Maybe it just seems bad because Eve is out filming that TV show. Maybe her and Kelly will come back from their respective time off and Kharma will return and all will seem okay with the women’s division. I don’t see it happening, but maybe. The truth is that with a dozen or so Divas on the roster WWE should, feasibly, be able to devote an entire show to women’s wrestling, and not just one two-minute match every three weeks. It speaks terribly to their lack of vision and planning … unless they’ve got something brewing. Believe me, I hope that they do.

Because what’s boiling in the pot right now absolutely stinks.

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  2. Avatar Jason
    Jason says:

    I think the womens wrestling is just a tough market. Most of the crowd just isnt interested except for a glace at them here and there as eye candy. Its the same problem the company has pushing Sin Cara and when they tried their LH/cruiser division and their failed lucha show.

    Its a big reason why womens wrestling comes and goes in the company every few years. You had the Wendi Richter era which ended pretty quickly. They tried the revival with Madusa and presented a more believable style which quickly died out. You had the Sable T&A period but it was really Trish Stratus that solidified the division a few years later, though there were plenty of girls working the believable style (there was a reason why the Stacy Keiblers of the world werent doing much wrestling then).

    I think the big issue is that to make it work they have to believable and recruit athletic women who want to work rather than looking for pretty girls that they think they can teach two holds to to work a 2 minute match with no athletic ability at all. They have to work matches and angles designed to make people care rather than go to the bathroom and right now that is how they treat the women wrestlers.