The Extreme Odd Couple with Steve Corino-13

XOC Podcast #30 – “Here Kitty, Kitty…”

On this week’s XOC Podcast, Rob Dimension and Steve Corino welcome their 1st guest…Dimension’s Dad, Big Bobby G. Corino couldn’t wait to bombard Big Bobby G with numerous questions about Rob’s childhood. Dimension expresses his concern about the Zombie outbreak in Florida. Corino then talks “Raider Softball” and his new all time low. Then Steve Corino shares a story about “losing the cat” and how far you’d go to “hide” this secret. Revenge, deception and anxiety all play a part in this weeks show…sounds about typical. Visit, and for all the news, plus visit for info about Dimension’s movie that Corino is co-starring in!! Look for them on Twitter @SteveCorino, @RobDimension and @XOCProducer

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