We’re Taking Over!!

If you thought the take over of 2011 was interesting…

If you got bored during the TNABH V VOC incident…

Are you a fan of controversy….

This time, we arent JUST coming for this website. WWE says a revolution is coming, we say if you want something done right… Do it yourself. The powers that be over in Nashville must not be happy that their employee allowing me to continue to post my brand damaging remarks so please head on over to twitter and follow @InstantClassicH

Join us if you will, the trouble will be worth it. Good night and good luck.
Wrestling/Entertainment’s Greatest Villain
Harry Barnett

2 Responses to We’re Taking Over!!

  1. Oh brother … why do I surround myself with crazy people?

  2. Avatar harry
    harry says:

    Crazy? Crazy? Just because I bring a little excitement into this site? Im gonna go on record in saying I am the most entertaining person on this site and soon not only will your site see it but this media take over will realise it too.

    At least you didn’t take the Russo way out though when I started all of this and hide behind a legal letter.