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Since we are apparently now updating listeners on the status of old, irrelevant, outdated, defunct blogs, it seemed the perfect time to talk about a blog that has fallen by the wayside … way too early in its lifespan.

The Brady Hicks Myspace blog [RIP September 2004 – June 2009] was a fascinating read into the everyday life of a young, aspiring wrestling journalist THE Brady Hicks of Pro Wrestling Illustrated. It provides an in-depth look into Brady’s ups (engagement, appearance on The Daily Show, and so much more) and downs (The death of Brady’s favorite independent coverband, Monkeybus) in a manner that no other site has ever quite covered.

With moods that ranged from “Romantic” to “Awake,” it was quite an insightful read. Sadly, it passed way before it should have.

Here are a few samples, for your enjoyment:

May 30, 2006

American Idol and my sister Taylor

Current mood:awake

Thanks to everyone who has shown so much support and love to my sister Taylor Hicks, who won American Idol last week. She was barely recognizable on stage, and if you ever heard her singing in the shower you would swear she was a different person!!!


Apr 23, 2007

Become My Netflix Friend

Current mood:tired

If you get movies from Netflix, you can become my friend. My e-mail is

Jul 3, 2007

I missed a big break!!! :(


Dear Brady

It’s Richard here from the BBC World Service.

We’re looking into the Chris Benoit story, and really enjoyed some of the things you’ve been writing.

Might you be available for a brief interview with us a little later today between 1600 and 1800 your time?

I’d be delighted if you could get back to me as soon as you’ve a moment, either at this e-mail address or on XXX XX XXX XXX XXXX.

All best



Richard Lawson

Newshour, BBC World Service






Dear Brady

Many thanks for your message.  I suspect — at this stage — it’s too late.

But I may well get in touch at some point in the future, as I think this story may continue to develop.

Thanks again — and all the best



Richard Lawson

Newshour, BBC World Service


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  1. What’s this? Pixy Stix Bobby Wicks is promoting a defunct blog while simultaneously shooting down another defunct and impactful website? I smells a hippocrap….I guess if the Hicks name and lazy eyed Dixie Carter esque grin isn’t slapped on the top, then it just doesn’t deserve a chance. This is surely war, Hicks. We’re no stepping stone. Consider you and your mini onions warned!

    1. I remember when I found your comments amusing and witty…

      I’m glad I stopped smoking crack.

      1. Curious that one associates a drug that causes paranoia and hyperactivity with confusing a comment for being witty. I see not what one has to do with the other….either that or when I use words like “hippocrap” and “mini onions”, I’m probably being, you know….totally serious.

        1. You’re confusing side effects with the actual intense high one gets from free-basing cocaine. As with all stimulants, at the beginning, everything is awesome. Frequent prolonged use is not recommended. You’re choice of side effects is quite fitting in this case though.

          Poor Pixy Stix must be achieving a “high” level of paranoia if he fells the need to respond to Bessler taking a trip down memory lane. Perhaps someone should intervene before the downward spiral gets out of control.

          Are you picking up what I’m laying down?

          Bang Bang.

          1. Me thinks I am. I think it’s great that PF Chang’s sponsors this site. I mean…he has that in the bag and he’s worried and insecure about little ol TWD? Hmm…

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