The Papadon Show-10

“The Greek God” Papadon returns with another LIVE edition of The Papadon Show on Check it out as the GUTT – Greatest Unsigned Talent Today- fields callers on the IN THE ROOM line. This week, Papadon Extreme Rising vs. Sabu and Perry Saturn, 7/14 ECWA “War Games” vs. Anthony Nese, and 7/19 NYWC vs. Matt Justice.

3 Responses to The Papadon Show

  1. Great show guys. Brady, I like how you asked the tough questions about Sabu.

  2. Hahaha!

    “Do you see Chris Wylde as the clear #2 in the company?”
    *Awkward pause*

    • Seemed obvious to me … thanks for the kind words, Dean.