IN THE ROOM with Wrestlers Rescue’s Vinny DiBenedetto, World Pro Wrestling’s Shannon Hunter, and Aaron Weiss

This week, Brady Hicks is joined IN THE ROOM by a number of very special guests for a packed, extra-long, controversial episode. First up, Vinny DiBenedetto from Wrestlers Rescue hops on to to talk about Kamala’s issues with the organization, in an attempt to clear the group’s name. Plus, Shannon Hunter, the owner of World Professional Wrestling checks in to talk about Summer Extravaganza IX in Reading, PA, September 15th. Finally, good friend of the show Aaron Weiss steps IN THE ROOM to talk about his massive wrestling video library, recently sold to former TNA executive Scott D’Amore. All that, plus tons of TNA and WWE talk, including SummerSlam, AJ as GM, a healthy debate about Raw being three hours (hint: Brady LIKES it), and some more of what TNA is doing right. All that, and so … much … more. Thanks, as always, for the support, guysssssss n girlsssssss!

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  1. Bruce Writ says:

    ‘Did you know fact?’

    Did you know Brady Hicks is spoken on a rival podcast more than the wrestling content and infomercials they put out?

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