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Keeping the Faith – Shades of Gray Never Sounded So Good

I hate to lose faith in people. I hate to call anyone a liar. I always have. In today’s world it is so easy to make a mistake and to mis-speak or to have something said taken out of context. Plus, the stigma of being dishonest is something that really tends to stick. With that said – regarding the ongoing drama between legit wrestling legend Kamala and the Wrestlers Rescue organization – let me just say that something is drastically “off” and hopefully leave it at that. I’m not looking to throw any accusations either party’s way because both seem to make some valid points and some questionable ones.

I want to assume it’s some shade of gray and a lot of confusion.

For those who have been following along, “The Ugandan Giant” posted a short online video in which he took a lot of shots at those individuals who run the Wrestlers Rescue organization. In this address, Kamala went out of his way to accuse the much-publicized group of being liars and frauds, claiming to have never received any of the money that was (A) promised him and (B) collected in his name. Kamala, who has had a number of health issues in the last six months, was no doubt ranting under a lot of duress considering the ravaging effects of diabetes that took both of his feet and grounded his career – and his lifestyle. Kamala’s poor condition alone, though, can’t leave Wrestlers Rescue totally in the clear. It is so hard to question somebody who has given most of his life and health to entertain the fans (and earned a fantastic reputation among promoters and his peers. Why would he turn on a group that pledged to raise money to support him … unless he was really, legitimately wronged?

Representatives from Wrestlers Rescue were very quick to respond, with figurehead – and former ECW and WWE star – Dawn Marie posting scans of a substantial check dated July 20, 2012, a check that she claimed was sent back by Kamala just days later. Dawn Marie would also go on to talk at length about the “Stop Payment” she placed on this much-questioned check, with the group even going so far as to offer a bank telephone number for people to call and discover for themselves the timeline Wrestlers Rescue is offering. The problem is that none of it makes sense.

I’m not a wrestler, nor have I ever claimed to be, but doesn’t the old adage of “Not looking a gift-horse in the mouth” apply to everybody? In spite of the proof put forth, it doesn’t make any sense for Kamala to send back money that he so desperately needs, regardless of the principle of the matter (as Dawn Marie claims he was displeased with the check not coming fast enough).

It would be very easy to just condemn Wrestlers Rescue as a group just because they are criticized by many in the wrestling community for how the money they raise – usually for one specific wrestler’s cause at a time – is allocated. No doubt it doesn’t help that Wrestlers Rescue takes money off of the top to cover its own expenses before passing along what it has raise to those who truly need it.

The problem with just all-out condemning the group is that it has (in a well-documented manner) done a lot of good for a few wrestlers. Just ask Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka and his wife Carole. It was just last year that Wrestlers Rescue cut a substantial check for Snuka to pay for much-needed ankle surgery, without which he was basically immobilized.

Again, I’m not looking to throw blame toward either of the two parties. Not only does this not really accomplish anything, but also it only mucks up the water of a situation that likely will never be definitively clear either way.

I suspect Kamala will get his much-needed money, given how heavily the matter has been publicized. To think anything less regarding any person – let alone a ring legend that has sold out arenas alongside men such as Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, and Bret Hart – is really a sad thought. I don’t know Kamala, but I like to think he did receive his long-awaited check in a timely fashion, as Wrestlers Rescue claims. I am crossing my fingers in the hope that – given his health – he somehow failed to realize that he received it or failed to realize what it was he was receiving, and sent it back.

The discovery that this was all one big mistake on either party’s part would go a long way with me, because it would allow me to maintain faith in both parties instead of raising more questions.

I don’t need more questions.

I just need my faith back.

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  1. Avatar dividebyzero
    dividebyzero says:

    Check out Highway 2 Helms from yesterday. Shane Helms talks to Dawn Marie. All I can say is that this is not the first time I’ve heard about alleged dirty dealings with Wrestler’s Rescue.

  2. Avatar Belongamick
    Belongamick says:

    Or Kamala could just move to a backward third world country like Australia where we have free health care regardless of who you are or what you earn and have this retarded view that even if you don’t lie, cheat and steal to become rich your life is still important.