The Extreme Odd Couple with Steve Corino-21

Steve Corino and Rob Dimension, the Doctors of Podcasting return with more nonsense this week…of course.  Steve Corino discusses Ring of Honor, TNA and more in the crazy world of Professional wrestling. Rob Dimension talks about the “special” times of eating fast food…he’s also obsessed now with the A&W Root Beer Bear (Rooty?).  Dimension then tells Corino that he lacks something…a name for his penis! This is where YOU can help name Dimension’s penis…no, sadly, we aren’t kidding. Then Corino and Dimension express their thoughts on Roasts, looking at this weekends Roseanne Roast.  Make sure you subscribe, rate and review the guys show on iTunes, so they stop bitching. Plus, look for them online at, and of course,

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