The Extreme Odd Couple with Steve Corino and Rob Dimension

XOC Podcast #39 – “Grumpy is as Grumpy does”

Your two favorite grumpy podcasters are back for another week and this one….its a rocky start indeed. Steve Corino discusses his weekend in North Carolina while Rob Dimension shares his experience at Monster-Mania in Cherry Hill, NJ. What would an episode be without some sex talk? What would YOU do if you couldn’t use a condom? Plus, the guys learn how to kill over a hundred sperm in one shot. Dimension talks school shopping and Corino gets on his case calling him an enabler…do you enable? Everyone always wants Wrestling talk, so Dimension poses the question: “Will we EVER see another spike in Wrestling like 1985?” – Corino shares his answer and the topics open into todays market with booking ideas. Hopefully everyone enjoys this extra long episode…yep, 90 minutes of two dicks with a microphone! For more info, visit, plus if you want a new #SocialMediaWhore t shirt head to and as always, visit for political rants and baseball talk and where you can see the King of Old School!!

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