IN THE ROOM SuperShow Tonight

Please join us tonight for a very special edition of IN THE ROOM on WEXP 1600 AM Philly and, 9:30-11:30p ET/8:30 CT.!

Don’t forget you can always call in LIVE at (609) 755-5ITR!

Check it out as former ECW, WWE, WCW, and TNA star Tony Mamaluke checks in to talk about his career and upcoming appearance for the ECWA. Plus, Northeast Wrestling’s own Gerry Strauss joins the program to talk about the company’s big baseball stadium show, September 22nd, featuring Hulk Hogan.

Finally, Brady and the gang take a special look at the Jerry Lawler situation, offer some thoughts on their favorite memories, and try oh-so-hard to register “The King” in our collective thoughts and prayers, willing him back to health! Whatever happens, tune in tonight for a Lawler update you likely have not heard … from those who would know best.

Plus, lots of WWE and TNA talk, and all those WWE Night  of Champions predictions you’ve come to know and love!

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