The Papadon Show (originally aired 4/20/12)

Ladies and gentlemen … making his debut … independent superstar “The Greek God” Papadon!

3 Responses to The Papadon Show (originally aired 4/20/12)

  1. Avatar Jason
    Jason says:

    Only got a chance to skim through the show, but I really like the idea of getting some many of the indy guys on the site. Using the internet to promote themselves and the companies they work for I think really helps them. When you had all the big regional promotions in the past what kept them going was free TV to draw people to the arenas. You get these guys air time on the internet and pushed in their local markets and they will definitely see a spike in the crowds

  2. Papadon cracks me up. “Did you know that Kekoa’s grandmother trained the Villianos in Mexico?”