IN THE ROOM – HELP DERRICK! with “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels and Zac Conner

What a week for IN THE ROOM as Brady Hicks and the gang sit down to talk to World Professional Wrestling star Zac Conner, headed into the company’s 2012 Flamingo Cup tag team tournament. And, speaking of tag teams, Brady goes one-on-one with one-half of the top tag team in the world today, in Christopher Daniels. What are “The Fallen Angel”‘s thoughts on teaming with close friend Kazarian and the health of tag wrestling on the whole? Plus, is he finally be on the cusp of the TNA World Heavyweight Title? In addition, Brady, Derrick, Ray, and Anthony debate tag team chemistry, compare The Miz and Wade Barrett, argue NWA’s title legacy, preview the 2012 Who’s Slammy Awards, and take it all in as Harry Barnett and Ratboy finally go at it. All that, and so … much … more! Thanks for the support and thanks to those who called in! Donate to Derrick!

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  1. As i was nominated for best of the board / best caller… i felt i should chip in where im needed…

    You’re Welcome!

  2. SnookiMuncher says:

    Great Harry, as they said, Derrick needs you to chip in. You are a very generous chap.

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