IN THE ROOM – Nothing But Talk


No guests this week IN THE ROOM, as Brady Hicks is joined by Derrick McDonald, Anthony Sarlo, and Ray Bogusz in taking callers and just talking good … eh … just old wrestling. Topics of discussion include Survivor Series, the recent callups, The Miz’s legacy, underutilized wrestlers, and so … much … more. Plus, Brady talks New Moon Rising Wrestling and their recent Fallout show. Thanks to all those who called in … we love the support!

5 Responses to IN THE ROOM – Nothing But Talk

  1. Avatar Brother Jermaine
    Brother Jermaine says:

    What’s up bitches? Your boy is back. Been at WWE for almost a year now. Just a little advice to your fellow podcasters on your show. Don’t put down that you were a host of “In The Room” on your resumes anymore. My boy in HR showed me a few of your resumes and you have been put right on the Do Not Hire list because of it. Trust me, they are not impressed with it there.

    • Damn, and I thought this would get me job as a WWE superstar, you fucking moron.

      • Avatar SnookiMuncher
        SnookiMuncher says:

        Yes … I have a buddy at WWE corporate and Brother Bitch is doing great work there. The toilets have never been so clean. However, just because they are called urinal cakes does not mean they are edible but to each their own. Maybe he and Tommy can share ideas with the the ever-interested coffee maker on the 6th floor.

  2. Avatar harry
    harry says:

    Lol Brady theres a reason you have an approve button…

  3. Avatar Ray Bogusz
    Ray Bogusz says:

    People put this on their resumes?