Dean and I recorded an audio recap for Saturday’s WrestleCon and WWE Axxess events!


We’re LIVE from WrestleCon. If you’re there make sure to stop by the New Moon table along the far wall. It’s gonna be a blast. And check back using the Spreaker tab below for LIVE updates from the show!!!

Up next was Axxess … props to WWE for putting together such a fantastic event each and every year. The look of delight on the fans’ faces as they get to interact with WWE’s top stars makes it all worthwhile.

Dean and I recorded an IN THE ROOM – HIAC Talk Radio joint broadcast … err, rather, I sat in for about 10 minutes of a joint show and then Dean did the heavy lifting while I went to go check out SHIMMER. The show is posted at the bottom of this entry.


Tonight we (Dean Dixon and I) rolled in to WrestleMania weekend in Secaucus, New Jersey. WrestleCon, AXXESS, WrestleMania, and so … much more that I don’t even know how to begin to contain my excitement! Tonight I had the pleasure of checking out CZW at the Expo
Center, and it was great. It was also great to see a lot of my good old friends. So much to talk about, I don’t know when I’ll have time. Check back here periodically as I update this blog with live coverage.

Also be on the lookout for live audio updates on this site from me and Dean … and tune back in here Saturday at 1:30/12:30 CT for a special, co-branded HIAC Talk Radio / IN THE ROOM show LIVE from WrestleCon, beneath this entry. IN THE ROOM’s own Derrick McDonald and Anthony Sarlo will be stopping by too … so who knows what will happen?!

And check back for live audio and possibly video updates as they are available as well.

And for those looking to meet up, here is where I’m headed and when:

9-4 WrestleCon @ the New Moon Rising Wrestling table
4-10 WWE Axxess
8-10:30 Dragon Gate USA
12-2 $5 Wrestling

9-2 WrestleCon @ New Moon Rising Wrestling table

Hope to see you all there!