AS I SEE IT 6/10

Combat Zone Wrestling continued its yearly tradition this past weekend with CZW Tournament of Death XII yesterday at Markland’s Little Acres (AKA The Ultraviolent Underground) in Townsend, DE.

The iPPV is now available at It aired on 24 hour delay.

It was stated that the Delaware State Athletic Commission was preventing MASADA from wrestling, likely due to his knee injury.

First round:


  • Ron Mathis defeated Joe Gacy with a jumping tombstone pile driver on thumbtacks and won by pinfall
  • Mummified Barbed Wire matchDanny Havoc defeated Rory Mondo to advance
  • Ultraviolent Ladder match
    Lucky tHURTeen got a puncture wound near the kidney (a nasty cut on his back that had to be duct taped after going through a light tube ladder). The match was stopped with Scotty Vortekz moving on to the next round.


  • International “Pains” of Glass:
    Takumi Tsukamoto wins by pinfall after putting DJ Hyde face first into broken glass
  • Non-tournament match/scaffold match:
    Drake Younger defeated Devon Moore by pinfall with a roll upSecond round:
  • Fans bring the weapons
    Scottty Vortekz nail the Spanish fly on Ron Mathis from the top rope onto a shopping cart with Ron Mathis on it, who cannot continue. Vortekz moves on to the finals.
  • Light Tube match
    Danny Havoc defeated Takumi Tsukamoto with a light tube dragon suplexMASADA stormed the ring, and was jumped by Chris Dickinson and Drew Gulak

    Greg Excellent and Sami Callihan went to a no contest

    Tournament of Death Finals/1000 Light Tubes

  • Danny Havoc defeated Scotty Vortekz with a Death Valley Driver from the top onto 50 light tubes.DJ Hyde also spoke on the future of Tournament of Death. Next year’s tournament will feature CZW vs. Big Japan Wrestling. Danny Havoc and Takumi Tsukamoto named the first entrants to next year’s TOD 13. Havoc and Tsukamoto smashed a light tube as if to say “see you then”.


    Plus a plug for PWBTS contributor Petey Staniforth and his promotion Charity Appeal Wrestling Shows:

    What :
    Charity Appeal Wrestling shows present “Only The Strong Survive”, which will be the very first one night, once a year tournament to decide the first ‘King Of Luton’

    Charity :
    Our chosen charity to raise money for, are our friends at The FireFighters Charity

    When :
    Friday 21st June 2013

    Where :
    The Celtic Supporters Club, Chobham Street, Luton, LU1 3BS

    Tickets :
    £5 per person, and a special four people for £15 deal!

    Reserve Tickets By Calling :
    07827 274819

    Doors Open : 7pm
    Show Starts : 7.30pm

    Filming :
    As ever, we will be filming for our internet television show/series with TV Bedfordshire, so bring your signs, and your loud voices; and be ready to make some noise!

    Social Media :

    Wrestlers, and details :
    We will be, in the upcoming days, be revealing all of the stars of CAWS (Charity Appeal Wrestling Shows) who have been entered into the tournament to become the first ‘King Of Luton’, But to give you some insight into how serious this is being taken amongst the CAWS wrestlers, we will tell you right now four names who are confirmed to be there on the night –

    * Former TNA, ROH, and top UK wrestling star, ‘WonderKid’ Jonny Storm!

    * CAWS Wildcard Champion, ‘Dazzling’ Darrell Allen!

    * Canadian star, Paul Ryker!

    * One half of the current CAWS World Tag Team Champions, and member of the L-Town Mafia, Thomas Stevens!

    * We also know that ‘Perfect’ P.T. Player, who is said to be still laughing over his attack on ‘The Future’ CJ Gunner, at the last show, has said that to go along with what he claims is “the fact he has retired CJ Gunner for good”; that he will have a “perfect surprise” for everyone on the night.

    P.T. is also in trouble with CAWS management after striking an official at the previous show. The official himself threw PT out of the building after the incident however coupled with PT’s previous offences, CAWS management feel they will have to step in. What will they have in store? Will PT look to pick fights with officials again?

    * Expect more names and news in the upcoming days leading up to the show!

    * CAWS (Charity Appeal Wrestling Shows) are the UK’s only regular not for profit professional wrestling show, that raise money for charity every single show – and are the exclusive UK affiliate of the UIWA (United International Wrestling Affiliates), who’s website can be found at

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