Who’s Slammy Awards IV (2013)

Voting starts on Tuesday, December 2, and ends at the start of the ITR Who’s Slammy Awards IV edition of IN THE ROOM, which airs on Tuesday, December 30, 2013. Voting will occur on the IN THE ROOM Facebook Page or by e-mailing your votes to intheroompodcast@gmail.com.

Best Radio Show (2012: HIAC, 2011: ITR, 2010: ITR and Bolin Alley)

  2. DimpleDate
  3. HIAC
  4. What’s Wrong with Wrestling
  5. Nerd Herders

“Ga Head” – Interview of the Year (2012: Stacy Carter (ITR), 2011: Hulk Hogan (VOC), 2010: Jerry Jarrett (For the Love of Wrestling))

  1. Vito LoGrasso
  2. Zach Gowen
  3. Jesse Neal
  4. Tatevik The Gamer
  5. Damian Dragon

Slammed! Best Rivalry (2012: Harry Barnett vs. Ratboy, 2011: Harry Barnett vs. Brady Hicks, 2010: The Message Board vs. Brady Hicks)

  1. Harry Barnett vs. The American Roughneck
  2. Ray Bogusz vs. John from Rhode Island
  3. Harry Barnett vs. Ratboy
  4. Harry Barnett vs. Brady Hicks
  5. Brady Hicks vs. Derrick McDonald

Where Have You Gone? MIA Star of the Year (2012: Papadon, 2011: Tommy Fierro, 2010: Brian Solomon)

  1. DJ
  2. Kathie Fitz
  3. ITR (January)
  4. John from Rhode Island
  5. Harry Barnett

Best of the Board/Callers (2012: Ratboy, 2011: Vince Gillett, 2010: Big Ern)

  1. Ratboy
  2. John from Rhode Island
  3. Mr. Akbaz
  4. Mike Bessler
  5. Royce

Most Original Concept (2012: HIAC Takes Over ITR, 2011: ITR Fan Conclave, 2010: Bolin Alley’s “Light’s Out”)

  1. Rap Battle Contests
  2. ITR Kayfabe News Segments
  3. TBH Music Experience
  4. DimpleDate Live from Che-Zus Bar and Grille
  5. Harry Barnett’s Brady Hicks Shoot