Football 2 Futbol: NFL Week 9 Preview & Browns vs. Bengals TNF Post-Game

FOOTBALL-TO-FUTBOL-917X652We kick things off today by doing a short post-game for the Cleveland Browns vs. Cincinnati Bengals Thursday Night Football game (3:15-9:00.) We go through what led to the loss for the Browns and the win for the Bengals, plus we also discuss how many more weeks the Bengals stay undefeated as well and if the Browns just need to keep Johnny Manziel as their Quarterback.

Then we move into the main part of the show with our NFL Week 9 Preview (9 mins-1 hour and 2 mins,) where we discuss more of the Detroit Lions woes after they fire more people. Then we go through all the games happening this week, discuss questions about each team, play games, and also have Fantasy Football related questions about the matchups as well.

We finish it out with Randy leading us through some of the big games happening in College Football Week 10 as well. (1 hour and 2 mins- End)

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