Wrestling 2 the MAX # 168: Seth Rollins Injured, Survivor Series, & NJPW PS 2015-2015

WTTM-917X652This week on W2M, huge news came out yesterday afternoon that Seth Rollins was injured at a live event in Ireland and has torn his ACL, MCL, and medial meniscus in his right knee leaving him unable to perform for 6-9 months and leaving WWE without an active WWE World Heavyweight Champion. We discuss how this affects WWE and we also discuss the eminent tournament during our special topic this week as well.

There was this, and other news that happened and that will be covered in Quick Hits (8:00-53:00, there’s also a section here from 44:28-47:28 where we lose the live feed and have other technical difficulties), with Sting possibly being one of the members in a Wyatts vs. Undertaker team match at Survivor Series, Kota Ibushi’s back injury that will keep him out for a “long time.” There’s also a wrestling soap opera being produced by FOX, Nikki Bella topping the PWI Top 50 Women’s Wrestlers and a whole lot more.

Then we get into our questions about this week’s WWE RAW (53:00-1 hour and 36 mins) and what could have led to the “record low” rating and also get into this week’s NXT (1 hour and 36 mins-1 hour and 51 mins) as well.

This is where we do our special topic on what WWE could do with the Survivor Series World Heavyweight Championship tournament. (1 hour and 51 mins to 2 hours and 3 mins)

After that, we do a NJPW Power Struggle 2015 preview (2 hours and 3 mins to 2 hours and 17 mins,) where we give our thoughts and predictions on each of the matches.

We finish things out with our reviews of this week’s ROH TV (2 hours and 17 mins to 2 hours and 24 mins,) TNA Impact Wrestling (2 hours and 24 mins to 2 hours and 29 mins) and the continuing World Title Series, and of course the W2M Power Rankings as well (2 hours and 29 mins to the END.)

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