IN THE ROOM with Kekoa (The Territory App)

This week’s IN THE ROOM welcomes Kekoa The Hawaiian Warrior! Kekoa is a good friend and a tremendous wrestler, and had one of those million dollar ideas upon which he decided to capitalize. He is the developer of The Territory App for Android and iOS. The Territory App provides a resource for giving virtually anyone in and around the wrestling industry – from wrestler to promoter to announcer to fan – the opportunity to connect, network, and find and rate gigs and shows. Check it out for Kekoa’s thoughts on the difficulties associated with such an ambitious product; how beneficial it can be; legends stepping up and using it; and more! Plus, PWI’s Brady Hicks, former WCW star The Stro, Kathie Fitzpatrick, and Derrick McDonald talk about the upcoming WWE Royal Rumble; Enzo Amore’s situation; wrestlers descending upon Philadelphia; and Brady’s impending Alexa Bliss meeting this weekend! Plus open phone lines for two full hours and so … much … more! Thanks, as always, for the support.

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