IN THE ROOM with “Wrestlenomics” Expert Chris Harrington (@mookieghana on Twitter)

This week’s IN THE ROOM welcomes wrestling financial analyst and “wrestlenomics” expert Chris Harrington, who is better known as @mookieghana on Twitter and of Check it out for Chris’ thoughts on the financial impact of SummerSlam and other “Big Four” pay-per-views; Ring of Honor invading Madison Square Garden; and WWE’s big TV deals with Fox and and USA. Plus, Brady Hicks (PWI Contributing Writer), The Stro (WCW), Kathie Fitz, Derrick McDonald, and Matt Grimm talk about this Sunday’s SummerSlam and its buildup; Brady’s trip to Nashville and Memphis; ROH’s huge step; and Alexa Bliss versus Ronda Rousey! Plus open phone lines for two full hours and so … much … more! Thanks, as always, for the support.