IN THE ROOM with Pierre Carl Ouellet (PCO)

This week independent sensation – and former WWE, WCW, ECW, and TNA star – Pierre Carl Ouellet (PCO) steps IN THE ROOM to talk about his distinguished career. How has this monster re-animated himself, shedding his former roles as a Quebecer and a pirate to become the one and only Frankenstein of the indies?! Check it out for his thoughts on turning heads against Walter over WrestleMania weekend, his feud with Bret Hart, backstage politics in WWE, the importance of re-inventing oneself, and finding himself again in his 50s. Plus, PWI’s Brady Hicks, former WCW star The Stro, Kathie Fitz, and Matt Grimm talk about WWE Crown Jewel and Evolution; regrets regarding the promotion of either; Raw from Philly; and Smackdown’s 1,000th episode! Plus, open phone lines for two full hours and so … much … more! Thanks, as always, for the support.

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