IN THE ROOM with Scoot Andrews

This week, IN THE ROOM proudly welcomes independent legend “Black Nature Boy” Scoot Andrews to the program. This show is a must-listen for Scoot’s thoughts on the ECWA and early Super 8 years; being a part of the first Ring of Honor roster; traveling; wrestling for WWE; stepping in the ring with AJ Styles, CM Punk, Christopher Daniels, Xavier, and others; and more! Plus, Brady Hicks, The Stro, Kathie Fitz, Derrick McDonald, Matt Grimm, and Steve Anderson discuss the declining ratings and possible implications such as ending the brand split and / or losing TV deals; Lio Rush’s issues; the upcoming WWE / WXW C4 show to benefit our friend Samu Anoa’i; Alexa Bliss’ apparent breakup; struggling creatively; and more! Plus, open phone lines for two full hours and so … much … more! Thanks, as always, for the support.

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