IN THE ROOM with the PCA (Joey Ace, AJ Pan, Mike Law)

This week sees ECWA Heavyweight Champion Joey Ace and his agent AJ Pan (on his birthday week), step IN THE ROOM, and joined by a surprise call-in appearance by their PCA stable-mate Mike Law! Is there tension in the PCA? Jealousy? Listen in to find out, as Joey Ace talks about the significance of winning the ECWA title to him, personally, fighting Ty Awesome, and what’s to come; AJ Pan talks discord in the PCA, juggling egos and testosterone, winning all the titles, and ECWA crooked management; and Mike Law calls in to vent about where he is at and his desire to be the best. Plus, Brady Hicks, The Stro, Kathie Fitz, and Derrick McDonald talk about the sad death of Silver King, the Kabuki Warriors, WWE writer frustration, and other company mis-management heading into the WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view this Sunday. Plus, open phone lines for three full hours and so … much … more!

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