Month: August 2019

IN THE ROOM with Raw Leiba

IN THE ROOM welcomes actor and athlete Raw Leiba, an old friend, as he talks about some of his projects! Plus, Brady Hicks (Pro Wrestling Illustrated), The Stro (World Championship Wrestling), Kathie Fitz, Derrick McDonald, and Matt Grimm talk about the latest goings-on in WWE and across the wrestling scene! Call in (914) 338-1885!

IN THE ROOM – 7/22/2014

Check out this IN THE ROOM classic from July 2014! Brady Hicks and the gang talk WWE SummerSlam and other wrestling news.

CrabDiving – NYPD Fired Eric Garner’s Killer & Plague-Ridden Prairie Dogs

The NYPD fired Eric Garner’s killer cop who choked to death the man despite Garner’s repeated plea of, “I can’t breathe!” Neo-Nazis are setting up training camps with live firing drills but limp, feckless racist law enforcement in Murica won’t do dick to stop it. Democratic candidate Julian Castro pledged to beef up protections for animals if elected. The fascist in the oval proposed tossing bread crumbs at the peasants in the form of a break in payroll taxes. Plague-ridden prairie dogs in Colorado are being inoculated via drone.

LOP Radio Aftershock – WWE Roadblock: End of the Line 2016

In what has to be the first time that an event happens twice within the same calendar year, WWE’s Roadblock returns to WWE Network, this time as a full fledged PPV event for the Raw brand! Will Kevin Owens be able to retain his Universal Championship against US Title kingpin, Roman Reigns?

new Force order – Episode 20: Ain’t no body realer than the nFo!

In this episode….We FINALLY get some hate mail and put some people in their place. SDCC was light on Star Wars, we wonder why. Two jedi face off in Who’s More OVER as Kit Fisto and Plo Koon duel! Hot Toys is back on TatTOYine as Doc reviews the Deluxe Emperor Palpatine with throne. Get on that dewback and ride with us into the double sunset!!!

CrabDiving – Trump Fat-Shamed A Protester & Greenland Is Not For Sale

Is it irony that Trump fat-shamed a protester at his latest Nuremberg rally in New Hampshire? Bernie Sanders suggests Israel give back billions of dollars in U.S. aid, since they have started banning our congress members from visiting. A leaked draft White House executive order shows Shitler wants to be able to censor social media. Greenland is not for sale, though Trump seems very interested.

EWCK 145 w/ Brian Hickey

My friend and journalist Brian Hickey joins me for a great talk about such a wide variety of topics! (including brain surgery and his appearance in the Netflix documentary “behind the curve”, near death, and so much more)

Wes Brisco’s The Brisco & Big Ace: Wes Brisco talks about his dad Gerry Brisco

Listen to Wes talk about his dad Gerry wining the 24/7 title on raw reunion.  we also preview The hall of fame weekend coming up this Thursday!  Make sure to join us this weekend in Waterloo Iowa at the National Wrestling Museum in Dan Gable country.  We are very excited to do a live show saturday at noon at the museum for the George Tragos/Lou Thesz hall of fame induction weekend!

HIAC Talk Radio: Indy Sensation Bandido Jr. & Mike Kehner (2012)

The HIAC crew is pleased to welcome back Bandido Jr. We’ll discuss all the recent happenings of this co-holder of the CZW tag champion including his JSCW title match coming up on July 28th! Mike Kehner from ECWA and formerly ECW joins us for a discussion on his career. OmegaSquad joins to discuss RAW 1,000, UFC 150, 151, and more MMA news. Plus, Robert Knight, Brady Hicks, and the American Roughneck!