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Jay V Mail #68: Bacon Hygiene

Rachel from South Carolina asks:

I got another one! Every night before I go to bed I brush my teeth and wash my face. Why do I have to do these again when I wake up even though I haven’t eaten anything or been seen outside with a dirty face? It seems silly to brush my teeth before I’ve eaten. Waz up wit dat? Thanks!

Guest post by That Entertains. tezone.net

Jay V Mail #67: Proposal

Joel from Florida asks:

FROM: Joel @ Forgotten Flix
TO: Jay V
SUBJECT: Proposal…

Okay. Be honest. Based on the subject of this email you TOTALLY thought I was going to offer you 1 million dollars for a night with Brady, didn’t you?

Well, he said to be honest.

Jay V Mail #66: Pizza Etiquette

Uzoma from Texas asks:

if you order a pizza and they deliver the wrong order. Is it acceptable to eat the other pizza while you wait on yours??

Well actually, I have my answer and Brady has his. So, who do you agree with?


Jay V Mail #65: Nice Rapping

Maarten from the Netherlands asks:

What if rappers rapped about nice things? Like, “Girl I’ma take your clothes off and give them to the homeless person because he’s cold.”

And so now, about daily, I have to hear Maarten from the Netherlands all over the house.

Jay V Mail #64: When Y’all Cheat

Senia from Queens, NY asks:

#Question for the fellas . When yall cheat , WHY is it girls uglier than your girl ??

Not that we cheat or anything, but we answer what happens “when” we cheat.

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Jay V Mail #63: Alf from Melmac

Nate Wolfe from Manchester, PA asks:

What ever happened to ALF from the planet Melmac?

Rather certain Nate Wolfe called this one in, but we just can’t find the audio anymore. Oh well.

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Jay V Mail #62: Machines That Make Noise

Rachel from South Carolina asks:

Why do things like cars and washing machines and computers make so much noise?


Jay V Mail #61: Does Santa Exist?

Brady from Bensalem wants to know:

Does Santa Exist?


Jay V Mail #60: When you grow up

Rachel from South Carolina asks:

Compared to 5, 10, or 20 years ago, are you where you thought you’d be in life? What do you want to be when you grow up?

Since we only had two people answering the question, we only had enough to cover 5 years ago and 20 years ago. But rest assured, Rachel, for we do have an answer for you. Also, we want to know about you. How would you answer the same question?


Jay V Mail #59: Sneezing Moments

Twauna from Ft. Lauterdale asks:

Follow-up to Rachel’s question: What do you call the feeling before you sneeze? (not thirst or hunger but…????)

Previously on Jay V Mail, Rachel asked a question about why we get hungry and/or thirsty. Today we get  a follow-up question.

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