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Between the Ropes WWE Raw Recap: New Directions, Sandow Comes Close

Brian and Steve talk about Raw from Monday night including the new directions for WWE, Damien Sandow almost becoming the World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan angle with Shawn Michaels, if Michaels is coming back for another match, Big Show becoming the top babyface and more.  Plus, they talk about Hulk Hogan with his latest online teases.

Between The Ropes WWE Raw Podcast: You’re Not the One

Brian and Steve recap WWE Raw from Monday night including the buildup to Sunday’s Hell in a Cell PPV, the finishing segment with the Triple H promo, who looks to be upset about something he said, getting back to a formula on Raw, why Norv Fernum should have been on the show and much more.  Plus, they talk about TNA going with a rematch between AJ Styles and Bully on Impact this week and the entire angle.

Between the Ropes

The Book Club will not air this week. In its place, we here at proudly welcome back Brian Fritz of Between the Ropes. Brian talks with Arda Ocal of The Score, Baltimore Sun and the Layfield Report about the build up to this Sunday’s WWE Royal Rumble PPV including the work between CM Punk and The Rock on their match, the rumble match itself, where all this is leading when it comes to WrestleMania, the Hall of Fame and much more.

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Between The Ropes (originally aired August 28, 2011)

Shane Helms has been through a lot over the past year and a half. He spoke with Brian Fritz about his recovery from his motorcycle accident and the legal issues he must now deal with, the pros and cons of social media, the Shane Helms app, what is going on with both Matt and Jeff Hardy, leaving the WWE, if and when he may return to the ring and more.

Between The Ropes with Daniel Bryan (originally aired August 14, 2011)

It’s been an interesting year and a half for Daniel Bryan since joining the WWE to say the least. The WWE superstar talks with me about this Sunday’s Summerslam event live on pay-per-view, his time with the company, if he was worried he wouldn’t be brought back after being fired last year, the CM Punk storyline, if he’s allowed to use the term ‘pro wrestler’ since Punk is using it, what it meant to win Money in the Bank and more.

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Between the Ropes (originally aired June 17, 2011)

What’s Wrong With Wrestling will not air this week. In its place, is proud to present this special feature from the great folks at Between The Ropes. Check it out as Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman talks about his new website and goes in-depth about what the past few years have been like for him personally, what he still goes through now, his dealings with Scott Hall and Chyna, being at the WWE Hall of Fame this year for Shawn Michaels’ induction, working with FCW, the current state of wrestling, his charity work and much more.

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Between The Ropes Interviews Christian (originally aired May 22, 2011)

Photo by WWE

It is with just a ping of professional jealousy that I post this interview Between The Ropes‘ Brian Fritz recently conducted with the #1 Contender to the World Heavyweight title, Christian. Check it out as Christian talks winning the title, Edge’s retirement, and his thoughts on tonight’s WWE Over The Limit pay-per-view match with Randy Orton. I don’t know how he always does it, but I can say that Fritzy and Vito are two of the nicest guys you can ever talk to in wrestling. And, as I always say, you want to see good guys succeed. Check out their weekly show at And if they’re looking for future guests …. (hint, hint :).

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Between the Ropes

Shane Douglas talks about this Saturday night’s Extreme Rising show from Monaco, PA on iPPV including his decision to return to the ring after previous saying he would not wrestle on another show he was promoting, the decision to bring back Raven and not bring back Justin Credible, controversial comments made by other wrestlers on the show about the promotion and/or other performers, using social media to promote the show, the effect social media could have had on himself and ECW years ago, his thoughts on the Jerry Lawler / CM Punk angle on Raw, being at the Golden Dome on the 15th anniversary of the ECW November to Remember show there and more.

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Between the Ropes

IN THE ROOM will air this week on Thursday, November 1st with the return of PWI’s Mike Bessler, ECWA’s Ricky “the Model” Martinez, and so … much more! Happy Halloween everybody!

Tonight, Brian talks with Mike Johnson of about this Sunday’s WWE Hell in a Cell PPV, the main event between CM Punk and Ryback and how that gets handled, the decision to put Ryback in the main event, John Cena and his character, the current WWE roster, the declining ratings and if that will cause a change in the product, where TNA is at right now, the Aces and Eights storyline, the Hulk Hogan sex tape fallout and more.

Between The Ropes

Brian talks with Adam Pearce about the 7 Levels of Hate feud with Colt Cabana, the final match taking place this Saturday in Melbourne, Australia in a steel cage match, what the feud has meant for him and his legacy, the ongoing problems with the NWA and it can survive, Ring of Honor, if we will see him back on national TV in the near future and even some baseball playoffs.

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