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  • “Greek God” Papadon, PWInsider’s Mike Johnson, and many others join the cast in discussing everybody’s favorite film.

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  • new Force order Podcast – Episode 60- 5 way dance!

    Posted on by VOC Nation

    We have two guests in tonight’s free-for-all! Chris Feehan from the 501st legion is back and he and Star Wars super artist Joe Corroney join the crew tonight on this stacked episode. Joe has been a Star Wars artist for over two decades and he his body of work is amazing. We cover all the news that dropped this week and we get some Mando season 2 episode names, what can they mean??? On this weeks Who’s More OVER it’s a high ranking battle! Admiral Ackbar takes on General Hux. Who’s the leader you love the most??? TaTOYoine and the Kama sutra are informative as usual. Joint the the nFo this week for this action packed episode!

  • new Force order Podcast – Episode 59- Doc’s One Year Anniversary!

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    It’s Doc’s one year anniversary show and no one except him seems to care. Lots of news this week. Uncle George is happy with the last cone wars season. Is Mando season 3 already underway? A cryptic tweet gives the Fandom hope for more clone wars cartoons?? Who’s after baby Yoda’s head??? On this weeks Who’s More OVER it’s the Rogue One Death Troopers va Rise of Skywalker’s Sith Troopers! Which squad is superior??? TaTOYine highlights some 40th anniversary black series figures as the new ones are due any day. Crawl out of the Sarlacc with the nFo this week!

  • new Force order Podcast – Episode 58- Tuesday Night Fever

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    Should Star Wars let Legends into cannon via a what if type of deal? Is Rosario Dawson in or out as Ahsoka or what?? A fan inspired twist on Boba’s fate. On this weeks Who’s More OVER we throw Rogue One’s best friends in the cage! It’s Baze Malbus vs Chirrut Imwe! Who wins the best friend battle and who becomes one with the force??!! Doc completely flips the scrip for this installment of TaTOYoine! Head into the escape pod and join the nFo for this weeks corona free episode!

  • new Force order Podcast – Episode 57- That Bitch Emperor Baskin!

    Posted on by VOC Nation

    Light news week aside from an Ahsoka/Baby Yoda image that mind wiped every one on the internet. We break down an article on how to make some Star Wars movie scenes a bit better, do we or you agree? Does the Last Jedi negate what happened in The Force Awakens? We each fell for some Star Wars related April Fool’s gags. Who’s More OVER puts two of the Empire’s best head to head. It’s Grand Moff Tarkin vs Director Krennic. Who wins the upper management battle??!! Some brand new but rare stuff is featured on TaTOYine. And we try to help out our boy Chris Feehan and the charity work he’s doing with the 501st (link below) Let’s pretend to not chop up our husbands this week with the New Force Order!

  • new Force order Podcast – Episode 56- The Head Booking Episode

    Posted on by VOC Nation

    Lots of news and speculation this week on things like baby Yoda’s age mess up and if there’s a Terminator/Star Wars connection coming up. People are still pissed at the Rosario Dawson casting, and is Snoke a clone of another Star Wars villain? It’s a Luke vs Luke Who’s More OVER As Original Trilogy Luke faces off against Sequel Trilogy Luke. Which version of Luke is More Over and why!?? On TaTOYine we look at some of the non-action figures that Doc has had for decades. The Kama Sutra installment gets a bit weird this week. Hop aboard the freighter and let’s head to parts unknown with the nFo!