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IN THE ROOM with Joel Gertner

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IN THE ROOM is proud to welcome former ECW star “The Quintessential Studmuffin” Joel Gertner to the program. Check it out as Joel talks the origins of his sonnets, facing creative roadblocks (and overflows), and how close he actually came to a WWE jump. Plus, Brady Hicks, The Stro, Kathie Fitzpatrick, Jordan Garber, and Derrick McDonald talk Sting’s legacy, New Day, and the October 11th South Jersey Wrestle-Fest in Woodbury Heights, New Jersey. Plus open lines for two full hours, and so … much … more! Thanks, as always, for the support!

The Inquisitr has posted a lengthy piece covering this interview:

Mike Bessler

ECW Original Joel Gertner was the featured guest on the most recent episode of the In the Roompodcast on VOC Nation. Interviewed by Pro Wrestling Illustrated contributor Brady Hicks and his panel of co-hosts, Gertner discussed his work in the heyday of one of pro wrestling’s most celebrated promotions, serving as a manager for the Dudley Boyz and as a commentator during the latter part of his run.

Gertner noted that he is still a fan of WWE and that he is extremely pleased with the WWE Network these days, adding that the company recently added a huge cache of vintage ECW material to the network in recent weeks. He enthusiastically pointed out that much of the newly added shows are from 1997 and 1998 and they include some of his best work with the Dudleyz. Joel also advised that he was recently tapped to contribute to WWE’s forthcoming ECW DVD retrospectives.

“I was up in Stamford a week or two ago,” Gertner said. They have two different home video releases coming out next year, the first of which they interviewed me for, would be a Dudley Boyz compilation and then the other one [is] OMG: 50 Craziest Moments In ECW History. That’s going to be coming out in the latter part of next year. So I contributed towards that.”

Wrestling DVD Network confirmed the release of the above-noted DVD projects earlier this month. The site did not have details to indicate whether or not the Dudley Boyz DVD will be a documentary or a compilation of matches, but Gertner’s participation in the project strongly suggests some sort of documentary or narrative component. Regarding the OMG compilation, in addition to Joel Gertner, ECW Originals Tazz and Tommy Dreamer will also be featured in the countdown-style production. This collection will be the third installment in WWE’s OMG series.

In the Room Host Brady Hicks asked Joel if he had ever gotten the chance to jump to WWE when some of ECW’s biggest names were leaving the small promotion for bigger opportunities. Gertner briefly discussed his talks with WWE, noting that although he had the chance to leave ECW, he couldn’t make the offer work at the time.

“I can tell you that there was at least one opportunity,” Gertner said. “There was a time before TNN, so before I was on a contract… and I spoke with one of the [agents] and we talked and I was given an indication of kind of a range of what the compensation might be and then creatively what I would be brought in for and I considered it. You know, at the end of the day, I was really loyal to ECW and things just kind of timed out in a certain way…and it made sense for me to take the ECW deal that was put in front of me. Yeah, there were definitely a couple of opportunities.”

Joel said that he was more than happy to stay with ECW during their deal with TNN, advising that he had a strong sense of loyalty to Paul Heyman. He also said that he enjoyed working with Rick Rude as a commentator on the TNN shows and said he had no regrets about his career choices in hindsight.

Joel Gertner told the In the Room hosts that he currently teaches math at a “retail education center” and does part time financial services work on the side. He is also seeking voiceover work and has his own podcast on iTunes, entitled 69 Minute Eargasm. He made brief appearances with TNA after the demise of ECW and also appeared on WWE’s ECW One Night Stand pay per view in 2005.

IN THE ROOM with Loudy and Xavier Cross

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IN THE ROOM this week features a pair of fabulous performers from #OnPoint Wrestling, “The Financial Miracle” Loudy and Xavier Cross. What are the duo’s thoughts on OnPoint’s progress as a company, Xavier Cross’ devastating injury, and the company’s participation in the South Jersey Wrestle-Fest on October 11th? Plus, Brady Hicks, The Stro, and Kathie Fitzpatrick talk WWE Night of Champions and Raw, and take listener calls for two full hours. All that, plus so … much … more. Thanks, as always, for the support!

IN THE ROOM with Breaker Morant and Deonna Purrazzo

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IN THE ROOM this week features independent stars Breaker Morant and Deonna Purrazzo, who will each be featured at ECWA’s 48th Anniversary show this Saturday in Woodbury Heights, NJ! In addition, Purrazzo talks about her affiliation with D2W and their upcoming Autism charity show that same night! Plus, a special surprise call by Mr. Ooh La La, a frank discussion of TNA’s health now that Kurt Angle is preparing to retire and the Hardy Boys are likely gone, and open phone lines for two full hours. All that, plus so … much … more! Thanks, as always, for the support.

IN THE ROOM with “The New F’n Show” Jerry Lynn

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Former ECW, WWE, TNA, WCW, and ROH star Jerry Lynn steps IN THE ROOM this week for a special one-hour interview. Check out Jerry’s thoughts on his recent surgery and health situation, his time spent in ECW with Rob Van Dam, never quite catching on in WWE, and being a mentor to the young stars of today. Plus, Brady Hicks, The Stro, Kathie Fitz, Derrick McDonald, and Jordan Garber talk WWE Night of Champions, Seth Rollins’ girlfriend Zahra Schreiber, horses diving into water in Atlantic City, and black movies and hip hop music. Plus open phone lines for two full hours, and so … much … more! Thanks, as always, for the support!

Check out Mike Bessler’s extensive coverage of the interview for The Inquisitr:


Jerry Lynn was the featured guest on this week’s In The Room podcast. During an extensive, hour long interview, the 52 year-old wrestler discussed his work as a performer in the original ECW. WWE, WCW and independent work were also discussed by the now-retired wrestler as well as his celebrated in-ring rivalry with Rob Van Dam and Lynn’s recent health issues and surgery. As reported by E Wrestling News and other sources, Lynn underwent neck surgery in early August. The procedure was complicated due to a number of bone spurs in the wrestler’s neck. An online crowd funding campaign to help Jerry with his medical expenses raised almost $18,000.

Brady Hicks, a contributing writer for Pro Wrestling Illustrated and host of In the Room asked Lynn about his recent neck surgery and Lynn indicated he is recovering well but noted he will need back surgery after he is fully healed from the aforementioned procedure. Jerry expressed appreciation for all of those who contributed towards his medical expenses, noting that he has always paid for his family’s health concerns prior to his latest surgery.
Co-host Jordan Garber asked Jerry how he became interested in becoming a pro wrestler and Lynn shared his early impressions of the industry.

“It never really was my dream to become a wrestler,” Lynn explained. “I grew up — ever since I was six — watching wrestling. I was always a fan of it. But years ago back then — when I first started watching it was 1969 — the majority of the wrestlers were monsters. Especially in the ’80s. Everyone was well over six feet tall and 250 plus, you know? So I never even gave it a second thought of even trying it and then I met a wrestler one day and went to go watch him on an indy show and after seeing some of the matches, I thought, ‘My brother and I beat each other up better than this in the front yard.’ So I talked to [the wrestler] about it…and he said, ‘Well, why don’t you try it?’ I said, ‘I’m too small.’ And he introduced me to a promoter. That’s how I found out how you break into the business.”

Lynn went on to explain that he didn’t feel like he was ready for the business at first but he eventually became comfortable and confident enough to move ahead. Jerry did note that he was not always warmly welcomed by bigger guys in the gym when he first started in the business. Later in the interview, Lynn recalled that one of his first jobs as a grappler was losing in “squash matches” in the now defunct American Wrestling Association.

Discussing his work with Rob Van Dam in the original ECW, Lynn explained that his initial outing against the high flyer made an impression on a lot of people, from the fans at that show all the way up to ECW owner Paul Heyman.

“I think after the first time [Heyman] saw Rob and I wrestle each other, he knew there was something there, so he just kept putting us together,” said Lynn. “As far as the ‘New F’n Show’ thing, that was all the fans. At the Living Dangerously pay-per-view in Asbury Park there was a whole series of spots…All of the sudden one corner of the building started chanting ‘New F’n Show!’ and it just took off on its own from there. That was kind of cool because the fans gave me the name.”

Jerry Lynn and RVD went on to clash many more times in ECW. WWE hosted a bout between the two in 2001 for the company’s Hardcore Championship and the men met in a Full Metal Mayhem match for TNA wrestling in 2011.

Comparing work environments, Jerry Lynn said he most enjoyed the fans and atmosphere of ECW. WWE, however, was another story. Lynn expressed some frustration in the lack of direction he was subject to during his stint in WWE. Brady Hicks asked if Jerry was bothered by the fact that he never had a noteworthy run in WWE and the wrestler responded with candor.

“Yeah, it bothered me…When I was there, nothing they did with me made any sense,” Lynn recalled. They had me come in and then right away, they go: ‘Okay, you’re a heel now.’ And I’m thinking, the majority of my career, I’ve been a babyface; Why are you going to all of the sudden say, ‘Here’s Jerry and he’s a bad guy now?’…So it was already an uphill battle. And I didn’t say anything because I was just doing what I was told. And then my first TV, they had me win the belt off of Crash Holly, which didn’t make any sense to me…I cheated, I pulled the tights to win and the crowd still popped…After that they just had me doing time-killer matches…And after that, they just had me doing dark matches for try outs. And I’m going, “Wow, this isn’t going the way I had hoped’.”

Lynn said he was released from WWE while he was recovering from knee surgery. He noted that doctors had told him he needed six months to recover but WWE wanted him to wrestle after only three months. After telling WWE staff that he needed the full time to recover, Lynn received his release papers just two weeks later.

Closing out the interview, Jerry Lynn encouraged the new generation of wrestlers to “get up and go get it” when it comes to making it in the business. Having logged full-time stints in WWE, ECW, and WCW, Lynn also praised the work of independent grapplers who work as “weekend warriors.” Lynn noted that those men and women, just like the stars at the top of the business, are living their dreams in today’s wrestling scene.

This Week’s IN THE ROOM with CZW’s DJ Hyde

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IN THE ROOM this week has a very special, awesome one-hour interview with CZW owner, spokesperson, and feared wrestler DJ Hyde! What are DJ’s thoughts on all of the company’s exciting developments … from pay-per-views to streaming services to documentaries to co-branding partnerships, and so … much … more! Plus, check out DJ’s thoughts on the CZW’s prospects for growth despite the stigma of being “ultra-hardcore,” welcoming Nick Gage back into the locker room, and the standard bearer that is Matt Tremont! All that, plus PWI’s Brady Hicks, former WCW star The Stro, Kathie Fitz, and Derrick McDonald talk about New Day, the WWE title situation, and Derrick’s experiences live SummerSlam weekend! Plus open phone lines for two full hours, and so … much … more! Thanks, as always, for the support.

IN THE ROOM with Bruce Hart

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This Week’s IN THE ROOM has Hart family member Bruce Hart. Check it out as Bruce offers his thoughts on his famous family and friends, WWE’s current landscape, and how wrestling from the 1980s is so different from today.

Plus, with Brady Hicks unable to make it on, check it out as Jordan Garber, The Stro, Kathie Fitzpatrick, and Derrick McDonald talk Hulk Hogan and his legacy, Tough Enough, and ITR’s upcoming participation at South Jersey Wrestle-Fest, as well as take calls for two full hours! All that, plus so … much … more! Thanks, as always, for the support!

IN THE ROOM with World League Wrestling / Pro Wrestling NOAH’s Jon Webb and Jack Gamble

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IN THE ROOM this week has two students from Harley Race’s World League Wrestling, fresh off of a tour for Pro Wrestling NOAH. What are Jack Gamble’s and Jon Webb’s thoughts on training under the great Harley, and the reputation that precedes that? Plus, Gamble and Webb talk about competing overseas, their long-term career aspirations, and so much more. All that, plus Brady Hicks, The Stro, Kathie Fitzpatrick, Jordan Garber, and Derrick McDonald talk their favorite Roddy Piper memories, look at the upcoming WWE SummerSlam card, and take calls for two full hours! All that, and so … much … more. Thanks, as always, for the support!

IN THE ROOM with “Bulldozer” Matt Tremont

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The IN THE ROOM podcast is back this week featuring a special, our-hour sitdown interview with Matt Tremont from CZW and #OnPoint Wrestling. Check it out as “Bulldozer” talks his upcoming WrestleFest convention, work on the independent scene, the merits of hardcore wrestling, and more! Plus, Brady Hicks, former WCW star The Stro, Kathie Fitzpatrick, and Derrick McDonald talk Hulk Hogan’s legacy and where our capacity to forgive and forget should fall. Plus, open phone lines for two full hours, including a returning Ray Bogusz! All that, plus so … much .., more. Thanks, as always, for the support!



IN THE ROOM with Bobby Starr

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Former WCW and WWE star Bobby Starr appeared on the IN THE ROOM podcast this past Tuesday, July 21, 2015, with Brady Hicks, former WCW wrestler The Stro, Kathie Fitzpatrick, Derrick McDonald, and Jordan Garber. This show can be downloaded at both and Check it out as Starr talks his favorite memories from behind the scenes in WCW, his thoughts on WWE’s current programming and dealings with “Patrick” from Tough Enough, the death of the territories, and remembering Magnum TA’s momentum prior to the car wreck.

Plus, the gang talks about The Undertaker’s return, WWE Battleground, and Tough Enough, and take calls for two full hours. All that plus so … much … more. Thanks, as always, for the support! 

Here are some highlights:
Thoughts on Today’s Wrestling:
I watch wrestling … I’ve got Facebook on, wrestling is on … I think the Divas show is better than Monday Night Raw half the time … It’s not what it once was. It wasn’t just the bodies, or all the babyface stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I see nothing wrong with what John Cena does with Make-A-Wish and all that kind of stuff. But his talent in itself is one thing, but when you add all the other things to it, it just magnifies everything … When we got in the business … you’re going to work your ass off. It wasn’t just one person you had to impress, you had to impress many people. It wasn’t just Vince and the writers … This past Monday Night Raw, that show was booked by a wrestler, it wasn’t booked by a writer. And you can completely tell the difference in the show.
On His WCW Career:
I didn’t get the so-called “push” for the wins and stuff, but I paid all my bills. I lived halfway decent and I had an amazing time growing up in the business. I got to work with the best in the business. I got to work with a lot of the big guys too, because I was bigger … They would stick me in the ring with John Tenta, Bossman, bigger guys, but at the same time I got to work with Jushin “Thunder” Liger, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, Brian Pillman, Bobby Eaton … I never asked questions. You tell me to do something, I go do it. Whatever, as long as I’m getting paid. I wish it had gone a bit farther, but toward the end, everybody had a contract with WCW. My deal with WCW the entire time was a handshake deal … Would I have liked it to go farther? Absolutely. Everbody would. I never saw myself as World champion. I didn’t kid myself from the beginning.
IN THE ROOM airs live, weekly, Tuesday nights at 9 PM ET on the VOC Nation Radio Network ( / Join Brady Hicks (Pro Wrestling Illustrated contributing writer), as well as The Stro (WCW’s Maestro), Kathie FitzDerrick McDonald, and Jordan Garber as they run down all that’s going on in wrestling, and sit down with some of wrestling’s top stars.

IN THE ROOM with Aaron Gainey (Nigerian Nightmares)

@intheroomshow on @vocnation w @theaarongainey. Featuring @bradyhicks @thestro @kathyfitzpatrick @jordanjgarber #derrickmcdonald

This week’s IN THE ROOM podcast includes a special 60+ minute sitdown interview with Aaron Gainey, formerly Maifu of the famed Nigerian Nightmares. Quite an awesome listen. Check it out as Aaron talks “living the gimmick” with fans, his health issues, dealings with WWE and TNA, and being one of the top independent stars in the country. If nothing else, listen for Aaron’s description of what he experienced while in a life-threatening coma for three weeks!

Plus, PWI’s Brady Hicks, former WCW star The Stro, Kathie Fitzpatrick, Derrick McDonald, and Jordan Garber talk WWE Battleground, what went down on Raw, and the new WWE divas. Plus open phone lines for two full hours. All that, and so … much … more. Thanks,as always, for the support!


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