Interviews with current and former TNA stars.

IN THE ROOM with D’Lo Brown

Check out this week’s IN THE ROOM, as with Brady Hicks, as former WWE star and TNA agent D’Lo Brown checks in to offer his thoughts on everything from wrestling’s glory days, to the network, to the health and viability of TNA as competition for WWE. Other topics of discussion included D’Lo’s thoughts on being a “rock star” and part of pop culture during The Attitude Era … TNA’s relative health, attempts to grow, and criticism of its management … working backstage as a “teacher,” then going onscreen as part of Aces & 8s … the trial and error of wrestling angles … being a Nation of Domination member, including The Rock, D-X skit, Hart Foundation racism angle, chest protector, and Ahmed Johnson … and the “real” New Jack, including some crazy Smokey Mountain stories.

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IN THE ROOM with Austin Aries AGAIN

Heading into this Sunday’s Lockdown pay-per-view, TNA / IMPACT Wrestling star and former World champion Austin Aries made his return to IN THE ROOM with Brady Hicks and his crew last night to talk about his success with the company and the traction his career has gained since he was last IN THE ROOM. Austin, who is a great friend of the show as well as one of our favorite performers of all time, last appeared IN THE ROOM almost three years ago, so the hour and 10 minutes he gave us was a real treat!

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Check it out as “A-Double” talks TNA’s recent tour of Japan and excitement of other international tours … his own creative input … the importance of his X Division title and attaching the #1 Contender stipulation to it … the role that fans have played in his career … Hulk Hogan’s influence, both on himself and on TNA … teaming and feuding with another shooting star in Bobby Roode … the “art” of tag wrestling … the concept of private contractors and how that could affect CM Punk’s situation … misconceptions about independent wrestlers … his vegan lifestyle … and his new band. All that, and so much more! Thanks to Austin Aries for so generously giving us his time and to everyone else for their support.


IN THE ROOM with Devon Dudley

Former ECW, WWE, and TNA star – and arguably one-half of one of the greatest tag teams of all time – Devon Dudley steps IN THE ROOM with Brady Hicks for over an hour to talk about his historic runs with three major US wrestling companies, his love for professional wrestling, and his legacy as a whole. This is a must-listen for any wrestling fan! Brother Devon is legit one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

Topics include the pressure of a big match at WM and his favorite matches with the company … Paul Heyman’s vision for the D-Von character (Mr. T meets Pulp Fiction) … starting riots in ECW … his own singles aspirations and The Dudley Boys’ legacy as a tag team … his pressures as an African American role model … being perceived as the lesser Dudley in the media and competition with his partner … The Dudleys being Vince McMahon’s favorite tag team … what Road Warrior Hawk meant to he and Bubba … and what makes a “great” match. Plus check it out for lots of backstage stories from three major wrestling companies. You can check out IN THE ROOM courtesy of the VOC Nation Radio Network on and simulcast on Thanks, as always, for the support.


IN THE ROOM with AJ Styles

Brady Hicks and the gang are off this week, but be sure to check out this classic episode of IN THE ROOM with TNA’s AJ Styles. Plus, information on Who’s Slammy voting, a special sendoff for Harry Barnett, and so … much more. Thanks, as always, for the support!

IN THE ROOM with Big Vito LoGrasso

Welcome one, welcome all to another edition of IN THE ROOM. This week, Brady Hicks, Derrick McDonald, and Ray Bogusz are joined by former WWE, TNA, WCW, and ECW star Vito LoGrasso. Find out what’s been going on in Big Vito’s life since we’ve last seen him on TV … from movie opportunities to wrestling to mentoring the future of the sport. All that plus Vito’s thoughts on young wrestlers today, both those under contract and those looking to be signed to WWE or TNA, Vito’s perspective on his own career to date and what he would still like to accomplish, plus the idea of training WWE’s developmental stars. All that, plus open phone lines for two hours, and Brady and the gang talk CHIKARA, a very memorable Raw with Mr. McMahon, their thoughts about the Legends Convention, and MTV’s Girl Talk. All that, plus so … much … more. Thanks, as always, for the support!

IN THE ROOM with Zach Gowen

We’re back with another edition of IN THE ROOM, this week featuring our very special guest and good friend of the show Zach Gowen of WWE fame. Gowen’s story is a truly remarkable one and anyone who is not familiar will definitely want to check it out. At just 8 years old, Tenacious Z lost his leg to cancer, then went on to have a distinguished career as a high-flying star! What was it like for Gowen to be in the ring with guys like Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, Vince McMahon, and Brock Lesnar less than a year into his career? What’s the story behind his awesome “Kicking it with the Kids” anti-bullying message? Plus, Zach’s experiences teaming with Gregory Iron to form “The Handicapped Heroes,” competing in New Moon Rising Wrestling, and so … much … more. Plus, Brady Hicks, Anthony Sarlo, and Ray Bogusz take more of a look at Curtis Axel, WWE Raw from last night, erotic fiction, and a truly memorable Bleacher Report article courtesy of Mike Bessler. It was a fun show. Thanks, as always, for the support!

IN THE ROOM with Jesse Neal

This week IN THE ROOM, Brady Hicks and Co. are joined by former Navy Officer – and TNA star – Jesse Neal. What are Neal’s thoughts on his run with TNA, his Ink Inc. partnership with Shannon Moore, training at the Team-3D Academy, the importance of having a different look, and what it was like to be onboard the USS Cole on the fateful day it was attacked in 2000? Plus, what went wrong with TNA … and is there ever a shot at going back?! In addition, East Coast Wrestling Association booker Joe Zanolle checks in to run down ECWA Super 8, April 13, 2013 in Newark, Delaware, and announces the plan for the eighth and final spot in the tournament! All that, plus one lucky fan claims NMRW “Brawl for it All” tickets for this Saturday, January 19th at The Proving Grounds, 1030 Delsea Dr. Building 4W in Westville, NJ. Plus, Brady and the gang take callers for almost two hours. Thanks for the support!

IN THE ROOM – HELP DERRICK! with “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels and Zac Conner

What a week for IN THE ROOM as Brady Hicks and the gang sit down to talk to World Professional Wrestling star Zac Conner, headed into the company’s 2012 Flamingo Cup tag team tournament. And, speaking of tag teams, Brady goes one-on-one with one-half of the top tag team in the world today, in Christopher Daniels. What are “The Fallen Angel”‘s thoughts on teaming with close friend Kazarian and the health of tag wrestling on the whole? Plus, is he finally be on the cusp of the TNA World Heavyweight Title? In addition, Brady, Derrick, Ray, and Anthony debate tag team chemistry, compare The Miz and Wade Barrett, argue NWA’s title legacy, preview the 2012 Who’s Slammy Awards, and take it all in as Harry Barnett and Ratboy finally go at it. All that, and so … much … more! Thanks for the support and thanks to those who called in! Donate to Derrick!

IN THE ROOM with Stacy “The Kat” Carter (with Jerry Lawler Update), ECW’s Tony Mamaluke, and NEW Announcer Gerry Strauss

Wow … just wow. This week IN THE ROOM, Brady Hicks is joined by Stacy “The Kat” Carter (excerpts below), as she updates the fans on Jerry Lawler‘s health situation. The gang also welcomes former ECW star Tony Mamaluke, as he runs down a fantastic career that spanned ECW, WWE, WCW, and TNA. What are Tony’s thoughts on his extreme legacy, being a “comedy” guy, extreme reunions, and being a part of the East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA), where he will make his debut this Saturday, September 15th at the ECWA 45th Anniversary Show in Newark, Delaware. Plus, Northeast Wrestling (NEW) announcer – and Brady’s PWI colleague – Gerry Strauss hops IN THE ROOM to  talk about NEW’s “Wrestling Under the Stars” show, September 15th in Fishkill, New York … a show that will feature Hulk Hogan! In addition, Brady and the gang offer up the WWE Night of Champions pay-per-view predictions, and so … much … more. Thanks, as always, for the support!

But before any of that, though, Brady, Derrick McDonald, Mike Bessler, and Ray Bogusz are joined IN THE ROOM by a good friend of the show, Stacy “The Kat” Carter. Carter is a former WWE Diva, and the ex-wife and good friend of Jerry “The King Lawler … which gives her a very good perspective on the Lawler nightmare from Raw this week. Stacy hopped on the phone with Jerry’s girlfriend tonight … then called IN THE ROOM to update the fans on how he is doing. Excerpts below:

On Jerry Lawler’s Condition:
“Right now he’s stable, being responsive with a tube down his throat. He’s squeezing people’s hands, nodding his head. He can point out where he’s hurting, stuff like that. The next step is to wait for the test results  to comeback tomorrow, the scan on his brain to see what – if any – brain damage he may or may not have. And that’s pretty much it. He’s still critical but stable. He’s strong and he’s stubborn, so if anybody can pull through its him.”

On The Amount of Time it Took for CPR to Work:
“WWE’s doctor was there when Jerry collapsed and fell out of his chair. He started CPR. From what I’ve been told is Jerry did not regain consciousness there. They did revive him there, but it took a long time – 15 minutes. It took a long time to bring him back. But he’s back now, he’s lightly sedated, and they’re taking him off the ventilator. He’s not in the heavy sedation that they had him in.”

On it Happening on LIVE TV:
“Jerry would be dead right now if it did not happen where it happened. Stuff like that just keeps running through my brain. Jerry normally grabs something – some food – on the way back to the hotel … fast food or if the bar is open, and he eats, then he’s there by himself. But this could have happened just two or three hours later and nobody would have been there with  him and he wouldn’t be here right now. Or he could have been driving to the arena or flying to Montreal. If it had to happen, I’m very thankful that it did there.”

IN THE ROOM – “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” with TNA’s Brooke Tessmacher, Missy Sampson, Sienna DuVall, and Kimber Lee

This week, Brady Hicks and the gang are very proud to present a very special “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” edition of IN THE ROOM, featuring a sitdown with TNA’s Women’s Knockouts Champion Brooke Tessmacher, plus indie stars Missy Sampson (to plug her upcoming title defense for World Professional Wrestling), Sienna DuVall, and Kimber Lee. It’s a unique opportunity to hear from four distinct voices all trying to carve their own niche in a very strange women’s wrestling landscape. These four gals were fantastic and we wish them nothing but the best! Plus, Brady, Anthony Sarlo, and Derrick McDonald talk WWE SummerSlam and Raw, what worked, and a whole lot of what didn’t work, plus AJ’s foot comment, SummerSlam memories, fast food, and so … much … more. Thanks, as always, for the support!

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