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Who’s Slammy Awards IV (2013)

Voting starts on Tuesday, December 2, and ends at the start of the ITR Who’s Slammy Awards IV edition of IN THE ROOM, which airs on Tuesday, December 30, 2013. Voting will occur on the IN THE ROOM Facebook Page or by e-mailing your votes to

Best Radio Show (2012: HIAC, 2011: ITR, 2010: ITR and Bolin Alley)

  2. DimpleDate
  3. HIAC
  4. What’s Wrong with Wrestling
  5. Nerd Herders

“Ga Head” – Interview of the Year (2012: Stacy Carter (ITR), 2011: Hulk Hogan (VOC), 2010: Jerry Jarrett (For the Love of Wrestling))

  1. Vito LoGrasso
  2. Zach Gowen
  3. Jesse Neal
  4. Tatevik The Gamer
  5. Damian Dragon

Slammed! Best Rivalry (2012: Harry Barnett vs. Ratboy, 2011: Harry Barnett vs. Brady Hicks, 2010: The Message Board vs. Brady Hicks)

  1. Harry Barnett vs. The American Roughneck
  2. Ray Bogusz vs. John from Rhode Island
  3. Harry Barnett vs. Ratboy
  4. Harry Barnett vs. Brady Hicks
  5. Brady Hicks vs. Derrick McDonald

Where Have You Gone? MIA Star of the Year (2012: Papadon, 2011: Tommy Fierro, 2010: Brian Solomon)

  1. DJ
  2. Kathie Fitz
  3. ITR (January)
  4. John from Rhode Island
  5. Harry Barnett

Best of the Board/Callers (2012: Ratboy, 2011: Vince Gillett, 2010: Big Ern)

  1. Ratboy
  2. John from Rhode Island
  3. Mr. Akbaz
  4. Mike Bessler
  5. Royce

Most Original Concept (2012: HIAC Takes Over ITR, 2011: ITR Fan Conclave, 2010: Bolin Alley’s “Light’s Out”)

  1. Rap Battle Contests
  2. ITR Kayfabe News Segments
  3. TBH Music Experience
  4. DimpleDate Live from Che-Zus Bar and Grille
  5. Harry Barnett’s Brady Hicks Shoot


AS I SEE IT 11/18: Remembering Eddie Guerrero eight years later

It was eight years ago this past week that Eddie Guerrero left this world.

I first met Eddie Guerrero when he came into ECW in April 1994. There have been few within wrestling who’ve ever been genuinely nicer, or more approachable to fans than the Guerrero I got to know. I remember saying to a friend once that Eddie “always seemed to have a smile in his eyes”.

To this day…one of my most vivid ECW memories was the farewell show for Dean Malenko and Eddie on August 26, 1995. This may well have been the best match I’ve ever seen for the overall emotional experience combined with the actual match itself anywhere in wrestling. While Dean and Eddie worked better matches in ECW and in Japan, the sheer emotion of the toughest crowd in North America not to mention the fans, locker room, and Dean and Eddie themselves in tears, accompanied by Joey Styles doing the match call of his life as Guerrero and Malenko worked their last ECW match.


AS I SEE IT 11/11: Responses from last week and more holiday helpers

Well…I certainly got a lot of response from last week’s column.

One of the more detailed was a series of responses from one reader, Chad Richards:

First, Chad’s reponse to my column of last week.

“Your column today reminded me of something Jim Cornette said several years ago. There are 3 types of WWE fans:

1) The people that will watch when a once and a lifetime phenomenon like Steve Austin comes along
2) The people that will watch when the product is good
3) The people that will watch no matter how bad or good the product is and complain about it either way

After reading your column I went into your archive to see what you wrote after WrestleMania 20. The night WWE gave the internet fans what they had been wanting for years. I wanted to see if even then you were truly happy with what WWE gave you. Your column made no mention of it, instead you were mad that WWE was drafting wreslters to different brands. That confirmed what I thought….if Daniel Bryan won the title last Sunday clean in the middle and had a boyhood dream celebration you still would not have been happy.

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are internet heroes but the people who cheer for them on the internet are not the fans WWE should be marketing its product to because 1) those fans will never be happy and 2) the majority of them don’t even buy WWE’s product. I’ll never forget around Money in the Bank 2011….on the message boards I read all anyone was talking about was how this was the best angle WWE had run in years, Punk better win, etc…then the day of the show all I see is the same people posting ‘anyone got a good stream?’ That’s why when the buyrate for Money In the Bank 2011 and this years SummerSlam came in, I sure wasn’t surprised…

…I never see you talk about New Japan in your columns. Why is that? Do you watch it? Wrestling fans who enjoy GOOD wrestling have been talking about it for over a year. We don’t watch WWE. If you are a true wrestling fan and you want to see GOOD wrestling, not watch bad wrestling just for the sake of complaining about it, you should be watching New Japan and writing about how great it has been this year. There’s no excuse anymore…all the great shows are on Youtube almost immediately after they end FOR FREE. When the Observer Awards come out this year, at least half of the Top 10 and probably all of the Top 5 will be New Japan matches. I never see you write about them though.


AS I SEE IT 10/28: A theme of giving…

This week, the theme is giving.

First, some news on the Kickstarter campaign for the documentary Wrestling with Disaster.
Most of the time, fans watch wrestling and give little thought to the fact that wrestlers are actually people, too; with lives, families, and friends outside of the business. They have the same trials and tribulations that we all do.
The issues can be made worse, because of the pressure to maintain a character, to perform before an audience, and to succeed in a often lonely business. While wrestling has deep rooted spirit of comradeship, true friendships are often few and far between leaving some performers empty inside after the final bell rings. This is one of the many things that becomes a challenge for those involved.


Nerd Herders Radio

It’s Nerd Herders, courtesy of Dream Elite Radio! Independent wrestling stars Damian Dragon and Foxy Foxxy will discuss everything geek! Pop Culture, viral videos, video games, comic books, and movies/TV shows that are big in geek culture(i.e. Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Buffy, etc.)

AS I SEE IT 10/21: Are fans turned off enough not to buy Hell In A Cell?

Photo by WWE

So Hell in a Cell is next Sunday.

The question is, after the disaster that was the Battleground PPV…how many people will be turned off buying WWE PPVs altogether?

This past Sunday saw a major UFC PPV, with Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Del Santos, which likely got a lot of buys. Whether WWE chooses to admit it publicly or not, UFC IS a competitor for PPV dollars. In this tight economy, if fans are forced to choose, they are less likely to make the choice ofa PPV this coming weekend which ended with a non-finish over versus this past Saturday’s conclusion to a strong series of Heavyweight UFC matchups.


IN THE ROOM Fan Conclave III

This is the third installment of the ITR Fan Conclave: Conclave I (2011), Conclave II (2012).

By all accounts, the ITR Fan Conclave III was a rousing success. For more information, be sure to check out what message board member Big Ern had to say about attending on this week’s edition of ITR.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Big Ern arrives in town. I pick him up and then we grab Dean Dixon and his lovely girlfriend Marion and head down to New Moon Rising Wrestling’s Proving Grounds. The original intent had been for Ern to see New Moon’s fine wrestling school. Apparently, Big Ern had other plans:

Big Ern runs the ropes

Big Ern runs the ropes

Big Ern runs the ropes


While Ern got the chance to live out his life-long dream of being a wrestling superstar, I was forced to make a scheduled, call-in appearance on The Angry Marks Podcast, much to the delight of those around me.

Later that night, Ern, Dean, Marion, and I would head down to South Philly for cheesesteaks! All in all a great first night!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Photo by ROH Wrestling

Big Ern and I are joined by Harry Barnett, the Hell in a Cell Talk Radio guys, listeners Bill and Little Bill, as well as ITR alum Kathie Fitz, PW Insider’s Mike Johnson, awesome photographers George Tahinos, Scott Finkelstein, and PWI’s own Stu Saks, plus a bevy of independent stars, for Ring of Honor’s iPPV taping in Northeast Philadelphia. This National Guard Armory holds a special place in my heart because it is right around the corner from where I grew up, as well as the site of countless wrestling shows I have attended over the years. It is also ROH’s first home in Philadelphia.

That night, we are delighted to see friend of IN THE ROOM Adam Cole defeat both Tomasso Ciampa and Michael Elgin to win his first ROH title!

After the show, The Conclave took to Buffalo Wild Wings, where we were joined by a number of wrestling’s top independent stars for a bite to eat and a few drinks.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

After grabbing lunch, Big Ern and I head to New Moon Rising Wrestling’s Proving Grounds in anticipation of that night’s PG-13. There, they are joined by Harry Barnett, The Hell in a Cell guys, and all of the stars of New Moon Rising Wrestling. During the course of the night, a number of ITR fans surfaced, including Superfan Eric, who has actually been following my career for a number of years. All in all, it was a great night of action and an awesome opportunity for the IN THE ROOMunity community to interact with the stars of New Moon!

Harry Barnett, LJ Cruz

Harry Barnett, Nathan Avery

Harry Barnett, Dan Law, Xavier Cross, Loudy, Dean Dixon

Big Ern, Loudy, Little Marc, Xavier Cross

Harry Barnett, Justin America, Omega Squad Chris

The ITR Crew - Brady Hicks, Harry Barnett, Big Ern

Big Money

O-Dogg, Grace

Loudy, Xavier Cross

Superfan Eric, Brady Hicks














































Brady Hicks entrance

Scoop Slam: Dean Dixon, Brady Hicks

The American Roughneck, Harry Barnett

Harry Barnett, Anthony Gigante
















Brady Hicks, Harry Barnett










Sunday, September 22, 2013

Brady joined the HIAC guys, Harry Barnett, and a few other listeners for breakfast before calling it on what turned out to be a great weekend! Thanks to all who helped out!