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Keeping the Faith – Shades of Gray Never Sounded So Good

I hate to lose faith in people. I hate to call anyone a liar. I always have. In today’s world it is so easy to make a mistake and to mis-speak or to have something said taken out of context. Plus, the stigma of being dishonest is something that really tends to stick. With that said – regarding the ongoing drama between legit wrestling legend Kamala and the Wrestlers Rescue organization – let me just say that something is drastically “off” and hopefully leave it at that. I’m not looking to throw any accusations either party’s way because both seem to make some valid points and some questionable ones.

I want to assume it’s some shade of gray and a lot of confusion.

For those who have been following along, “The Ugandan Giant” posted a short online video in which he took a lot of shots at those individuals who run the Wrestlers Rescue organization. In this address, Kamala went out of his way to accuse the much-publicized group of being liars and frauds, claiming to have never received any of the money that was (A) promised him and (B) collected in his name. Kamala, who has had a number of health issues in the last six months, was no doubt ranting under a lot of duress considering the ravaging effects of diabetes that took both of his feet and grounded his career – and his lifestyle. Kamala’s poor condition alone, though, can’t leave Wrestlers Rescue totally in the clear. It is so hard to question somebody who has given most of his life and health to entertain the fans (and earned a fantastic reputation among promoters and his peers. Why would he turn on a group that pledged to raise money to support him … unless he was really, legitimately wronged?

Representatives from Wrestlers Rescue were very quick to respond, with figurehead – and former ECW and WWE star – Dawn Marie posting scans of a substantial check dated July 20, 2012, a check that she claimed was sent back by Kamala just days later. Dawn Marie would also go on to talk at length about the “Stop Payment” she placed on this much-questioned check, with the group even going so far as to offer a bank telephone number for people to call and discover for themselves the timeline Wrestlers Rescue is offering. The problem is that none of it makes sense.

I’m not a wrestler, nor have I ever claimed to be, but doesn’t the old adage of “Not looking a gift-horse in the mouth” apply to everybody? In spite of the proof put forth, it doesn’t make any sense for Kamala to send back money that he so desperately needs, regardless of the principle of the matter (as Dawn Marie claims he was displeased with the check not coming fast enough).

It would be very easy to just condemn Wrestlers Rescue as a group just because they are criticized by many in the wrestling community for how the money they raise – usually for one specific wrestler’s cause at a time – is allocated. No doubt it doesn’t help that Wrestlers Rescue takes money off of the top to cover its own expenses before passing along what it has raise to those who truly need it.

The problem with just all-out condemning the group is that it has (in a well-documented manner) done a lot of good for a few wrestlers. Just ask Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka and his wife Carole. It was just last year that Wrestlers Rescue cut a substantial check for Snuka to pay for much-needed ankle surgery, without which he was basically immobilized.

Again, I’m not looking to throw blame toward either of the two parties. Not only does this not really accomplish anything, but also it only mucks up the water of a situation that likely will never be definitively clear either way.

I suspect Kamala will get his much-needed money, given how heavily the matter has been publicized. To think anything less regarding any person – let alone a ring legend that has sold out arenas alongside men such as Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, and Bret Hart – is really a sad thought. I don’t know Kamala, but I like to think he did receive his long-awaited check in a timely fashion, as Wrestlers Rescue claims. I am crossing my fingers in the hope that – given his health – he somehow failed to realize that he received it or failed to realize what it was he was receiving, and sent it back.

The discovery that this was all one big mistake on either party’s part would go a long way with me, because it would allow me to maintain faith in both parties instead of raising more questions.

I don’t need more questions.

I just need my faith back.

ITR On the Go

Photo by WWE

My Thought: The CM Punk “Turn” Needed Teeth

Is CM Punk a “good guy,” a “bad guy,” or a “tweener?” For the entire week following his historic attack of The Rock on the 1,000th Episode of Raw, I think most WWE fans just assumed the logical answer was #2. Not me. After all, wasn’t John Cena, himself, delivering his finisher to “The Great One” just a few months ago?
Maybe I missed the entire point of what Punk was saying throughout last night’s follow-up Raw, but to me he just came off more as a bitter fan favorite than anything. It was as if he had a sudden epiphany that he’d been disrespected by the WWE matchmakers, who continually failed to put him in a single pay-per-view main event since winning the title in his current run. Look it up. He has yet to close a ppv since winning the title at last year’s Survivor Series.
More importantly, in spite of all his anger and all his jealousy directed at his WWE peers, there is one all-important group to which Punk has stayed loyal … and I think they’ll respect him even more for it.

He has yet to turn on the fans.

Over the last week, I’ve had a lot of people tell me that this angle – Punk “turning” – is the 2012 version of WWE’s big Summer-time angle, in the vein of Nexus, Mr. McMahon’s limo explosion, the “pipe bomb,” and Hornswoggle’s revelation as a McMahon. And I don’t see it.

Yes, CM Punk attacked The Rock a week ago, and followed that up with an assault on both Cena and Show this week. Can you really blame him? Is anything that he said untrue about Rock coming in for the occasional payday and taking the spotlight off of Punk and so many other guys who no doubt deserve more attention than they get? And if it were Cena sitting at commentary and Punk thrown through him, does anyone really envision Cena just getting up, straightening his cap, and continuing to stay out the match he was just thrust into?

Here’s what I do see. I see a very successful WWE champion. I see a man who has, in many ways, surpassed John Cena in terms of notoriety among his peers and fans alike. It’s like CM Punk has been trying so hard for so long to be that Cena main-event alternative that WWE fans have been craving for so long … and he’s just now realizing there is a ceiling to his ability to ever really be that alternative.

I don’t like this year’s Punk “turn,” if it even is one. Ironically, though, it’s not because my anger is directed at him. Rather, WWE’s corporate machine is the villain who has painted Punk as a bad guy just for continuing to do what he has for nearly all of his career – good, bad, or otherwise – and stand up strongly for all that he believes. Last year, CM Punk was a “good guy” with a chip on his shoulder, taking on stars such as John Cena, Triple-H, and Alberto Del Rio. Now I’m supposed to think that same chip that made him the most popular wrestler in the company has transformed him into a heinous baddie, when many of his opponents are still the same? This turn doesn’t have any teeth, because Punk SHOULD be – and I suspect really is – a sympathetic figure.

And without any teeth, all WWE can do is continue feeding us mush.

ITR On the Go

The next couple of weeks should be interesting here on IN THE ROOM and … with a slew of surprisingly good guests and … in August … our next ITR SuperShow featuring the SummerSlam go-home.

If all goes according to plan, I’ll be in Los Angeles for that show.

Truth be told, it’s been a LOOOOOONG time since I’ve done any traveling for this show or Web site … too long actually. In the time since I caravaned down to Atlanta for NWA Legends Fanfest last year with some old friends, I’ve passed on opportunities to go to WrestleReunion (Los Angeles AND Toronto), WrestleMania (Miami), and The Big Event (New York). And I think it’s almost time. If you’re out on the West Coast, be on the lookout in the coming days and weeks as more information on that possible LA trip develops. California is one of my favorite places in the world. I really hope I get to go back.

Tonight – ITR w Santana Garrett

Last night I started doing research into the young and beautiful Santana Garrett. This interview is actually the result of an agreement with Brian Kelley of Missouri Wrestling Revival (who was featured on the show a few weeks ago). The details?! Tune in tonight to hear the exciting announcement I have.

Anyway, apparently I was familiar with Santana … an aspiring Diva … and didn’t even realize. Santana Garrett was the valet for Orlando Jordan during his Threesome angle in TNA 2-1/2 years ago. Remember her? I do.

And I’m stoked for tonight.

ITR Conclave Info

This year’s Fan Conclave is definitely taking shape, and it’s going to be a great time. I’ve already heard from several listeners who will be attending for some or all of the events. My old buddy DJ (ITR) will make an appearance, as will the Dean Dixon and the Hell in a Cell crew. I definitely recommend clicking on the ITR Conclave graphic on the scroller here on the right hand side of the page. It’s  there you’ll find all the late-breaking news as ITR Fan Conclave ’12 takes shape.

Brady Hicks Presents: Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

Screenshot for a great blog

Since we are apparently now updating listeners on the status of old, irrelevant, outdated, defunct blogs, it seemed the perfect time to talk about a blog that has fallen by the wayside … way too early in its lifespan.

The Brady Hicks Myspace blog [RIP September 2004 – June 2009] was a fascinating read into the everyday life of a young, aspiring wrestling journalist THE Brady Hicks of Pro Wrestling Illustrated. It provides an in-depth look into Brady’s ups (engagement, appearance on The Daily Show, and so much more) and downs (The death of Brady’s favorite independent coverband, Monkeybus) in a manner that no other site has ever quite covered.

With moods that ranged from “Romantic” to “Awake,” it was quite an insightful read. Sadly, it passed way before it should have.

Here are a few samples, for your enjoyment:

May 30, 2006

American Idol and my sister Taylor

Current mood:awake

Thanks to everyone who has shown so much support and love to my sister Taylor Hicks, who won American Idol last week. She was barely recognizable on stage, and if you ever heard her singing in the shower you would swear she was a different person!!!


Apr 23, 2007

Become My Netflix Friend

Current mood:tired

If you get movies from Netflix, you can become my friend. My e-mail is

Jul 3, 2007

I missed a big break!!! :(


Dear Brady

It’s Richard here from the BBC World Service.

We’re looking into the Chris Benoit story, and really enjoyed some of the things you’ve been writing.

Might you be available for a brief interview with us a little later today between 1600 and 1800 your time?

I’d be delighted if you could get back to me as soon as you’ve a moment, either at this e-mail address or on XXX XX XXX XXX XXXX.

All best



Richard Lawson

Newshour, BBC World Service






Dear Brady

Many thanks for your message.  I suspect — at this stage — it’s too late.

But I may well get in touch at some point in the future, as I think this story may continue to develop.

Thanks again — and all the best



Richard Lawson

Newshour, BBC World Service


ITR On the Go

Photo by WWE

I really don’t get WWE’s fascination with making a John Cena-Big Show feud “get over” with the fans, but I do know that they’ve tried so many times in the last five years that it has to be their goal. Face it … Show, at least as far as being a character the fans can hate, has some major repair work due his way. And that’s as if to say it’s even possible to change his course at all (I still have reservations about that)! Maybe if they didn’t spend so much in-between time having Show wrestle mostly in comedy matches and being such a happy-go-lucky guy.

At this point I’m pretty sure his potential WWE career as a bad guy is just gone.

No matter how big the guy is, no matter how intimidating he COULD be, you can’t just take a guy you portray as a bumbling fool for so long and turn him into a legitimate bad-ass without doing something major. The Big Show would have to go over the line and destroy somebody in a manner as has never really been seen on WWE television … quite possibly in a manner that is not even doable. I’m talking like the Brian Pillman gun incident or The Outlaws pushing a dumpster off a stage.

And even then, I still have some serious concerns that it would never work.

Unfortunately for WWE, they’ve painted themselves into this corner with regards to The Big Show, and there is almost no way to backtrack now and reverse the way he is perceived without getting some major wet paint on their feet. Don’t believe me? Just watch the buildup for his WrestleMania “moment” against Cody Rhodes – or their Extreme Rules rematch – and realize that you cannot call somebody a joke for nearly all of 13 years and then reverse that trend in one night.

The Big Show needs a major overhaul, and we all know it.

The problem is when a car needs a new transmission and a new engine and a new radiator you don’t usually just paint the outside and send the driver on his way.

ITR On the Go

Photo by ROH Wrestling

Format change, guys, for my own sanity.

As I sat at my desk last night watching The Papadon Show, Saturday Night Jones and Akbaz, and What’s Wrong With Wrestling process so that I could schedule them for their respective slots and go to bed dreaming of my weekend reunion with – quite literally – my dream girl, I decided to watch some of Impact.

I’ll be honest … it’s not something that is always an easy decision.

The crazy thing is (and Harry Barnett will accuse me of being a shill) that the show has been getting better every week for about two months now. I LOVE Fight Night, I LOVE Gut Check, and I LOVE this new concept of being more reality based. The stories are better, the wrestling is just as good as ever, they’ve got Austin Aries, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Chris Daniels, and so many others in really good spots now.

There was a time when I would rather sit and watch the minutes tick by on my DVR while Impact was playing, where I couldn’t get through the opening segment without dozing off. Last night I noticed about an hour in that I was more than halfway through the show … and I felt rewarded for that. Very refreshing.

Sure, I have complaints about logic from time to time. But if you take the time to watch Raw every week then it’s very easy to find a lot of plot holes on that show as well. The bottom line is that TNA is really trying to win back those fans that it lost while also working overtime to win over those fans it never really had.

And I can really kind of dig that.


Be sure to tune in next Tuesday night, 9:30 PM EST for IN THE ROOM, for a special WWE No Way Out ppv preview edition, featuring the return of a few voices you will know plus a special appearance by indie star Sassy Stephanie (of Steppin’ Out), who will be talking about what could quite possibly be WSU’s last show ever.

ITR On the Go – Issue VI: May 31-June 4, 2012

Photo by WWE

ITR On the Go is a bi-weekly newsletter that featured on If you would like it delivered to your e-mail inbox, send a request to

TOP OF TNA – Dixie Carter Press Conference
Be sure to check back at 4 PM EST today on, as the site will air the full, unedited version of Dixie Carter’s press conference from the other day. Unfortunately, Brady was under the weather and unable to participate, but that didn’t stop dozens of news media outlets from around the world in attending the event.

TOP OF WWE – Randy Orton Suspended 60 Days
Just after ITR On the Go went to press last week, it was announced that Randy Orton had failed his second WWE drug test and would be suspended for 60 days. For Orton, this is his second and final strike with the company. Many believe that this is actually Orton’s third strike, due to the dubious nature of his not being suspended as part of the Signature Pharmacy scandal of 2007, although WWE claims Orton’s actions were already covered by a prior suspension and thus they could not penalize him twice for the same infraction. Orton was also suspended for 60 days in 2006 for destroying a hotel room.

TOP OF INDIES – Pro Wrestling Syndicate Show Friday
Be sure to check out YouShoot! Live tonight (6/1) and Legends of the Ring, tomorrow (6/2), in Monroe, NJ.’s own Brady Hicks will be there. Also check out ECWA “Raising the Bar” in Newark, Delaware (6/2). Brady will be there as well. If you can’t be there live for YouShoot!, it is available on iPPv with details at,

Orlando, FL
–Sting s TNA World Champion Bobby Roode [7:14] … X Champion Austin Aries p Chris Sabin [4:47] to retain his title … TV Champion Devon wrestled Jeff Hardy to a no-contest [6:56] … AJ Styles p Christopher Daniels [8:43].(05/31/2012)

TNA Ratings
TNA Champion – Bobby Roode (W)

  1. Sting (-)
  2. X Austin Aries (1)
  3. AJ Styles (7)
  4. Jeff Hardy (2)
  5. TV Devon (8)
  6. Bully Ray (5)
  7. Rob Van Dam (3)
  8. Mr. Anderson (4)
  9. Kurt Angle (6)
  10. Kazarian (10)

Women’s Ratings
Knockout Champion – Gail Kim (W)

  1. Velvet Sky (1)
  2. Brooke Tessmacher (2)
  3. Mickie James (3)

TBH.COM NEWS – HiaC Talk Radio ECWA Pre-Game 6/2
Check out Dean Dixon’s LIVE ECWA pre-game edition of Hell in a Cell Talk Radio right here, tomorrow, June 2nd, from 5:30-7 PM EST, LIVE from the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club. It will stream LIVE on

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ITR On the Go – Issue V: May 28-30

Photo by Chris Jericho

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TOP OF WWE – Chris Jericho Suspended 30 Days
Ironically, WWE made its debut in Brazil this past weekend. This is ironic because WWE has listed Pat Patterson as having won a battle royal in Rio de Janeiro in 1980 to become the first Intercontinental champion. During WWE’s tour, Jericho was nearly arrested and thrown into a Brazilian prison for rolling up a Brazilian flag into a ball and kicking it to incite the crowd. Apparently, this act of disrespect is a jailable offense in the country, and Jericho was forced to immediately apologize in the ring. He was suspended for 30 days for his actions, a good PR move by WWE, even though we can all still remember Shawn Michaels sticking the Canadian flag up his nose in 1997.

TOP OF TNA – Brooke Hogan to Debut Thursday
Hulk Hogan’s famous daughter – and the star of VH1’s Brooke Knows Best – is set to make her debut in TNA this Thursday, May 31st, for the first new live edition of Impact. She will head up the Knockout’s division in a role similar to what Karen Jarrett and Traci Brooks used to do. There isn’t a whole lot to this story … VH1 never renewed Brooke’s TV deal from a few years ago and her singing career hasn’t been as successful as the Hogans had hoped. This is clearly an attempt at cashing in on Brooke’s name value while she still has it.

TOP OF INDIES – Pro Wrestling Syndicate Show Friday
Pro Wrestling Syndicate will host a mega-show this Friday at the Rahway Rec Center in Rahway, NJ, featuring The Great Muta in a tag match against Sami Callihan and Anthony Nese (the match TNA tried to keep Nese out of, leading to him quitting the company). It will be available on GoFight Live.

New Orleans, LA
–Alberto Del Rio s Santino Marella [0:49] … WWE Tag Champions Kofi Kingston and R-Truth b Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler [5:13] to retain their titles … Daniel Bryan p WWE Champion CM Punk [11:44] in a non-title match … Intercontinental Champion Christian p The Miz [3:56] to retain the title … World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus p David Otunga [2:12] to retain the title … The Big Show and Brodus fought to a no-contest [0:00] as the match never started.(05/28/2012)

WWE Ratings
WWE Champion—CM Punk
World Champion–Sheamus

  1. Daniel Bryan (1Raw)
  2. Alberto Del Rio (1SD)
  3. IC Christian (-)
  4. US Santino Marella (2Raw)
  5. John Cena (3 Raw)
  6. Randy Orton (3 SD)
  7. Tag Kofi Kingston (-)
  8. Tag R-Truth (-)
  9. The Big Show (-)
  10. Brodus Clay (5 Raw)

 Women’s Ratings
Diva’s Champion—Layla
1. Beth Phoenix (1)
2. Kelly Kelly (2)
3. Natalya (3)

TBH.COM NEWS – Stacy “The Kat” Carter on IN THE ROOM Tonight!
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ITR On the Go

Photo by TNA Wrestling

Issue 4: May 17-21, 2012

ITR On the Go is a bi-weekly newsletter that featured on If you would like it delivered to your e-mail inbox, send a request to

TOP OF TNA – TNA Taking Impact LIVE; Releases Anthony Nese
On the same day in which TNA announced it came to terms on the release of young X star Anthony Nese, it announced it will trial a live recording format for Impact on May 31, 2012, the same day in which the show moves to 8 PM EST. According to TNA president – and friend of IN THE ROOM – Dixie Carter, the move will be a temporary one over the Summer as TNA evaluates how it is received. Regarding Nese (who only days earlier made headlines when he asked a question of Bobby Fish on The Fish Tank on, the young star mentioned in a statement – also confirmed by his friend “The Greek God” Papadon last night on The Papadon Show LIVE right here on the site – that he was booked to perform at a Pro Wrestling Syndicate show in Rahway, New Jersey, June 1st, in a tag team match against The Great Muta. Nese, when made aware the show had been changed to an iPPV, went to TNA officials and asked for an exception to be made to allow him to continue to fulfill his booking (his contract, like others in TNA, forbids talent from performing on another company’s PPV or distributed DVDs). After being told they would not allow him to wrestle this dream match – and still refusing to book him more – Nese requested his release.

TOP OF WWE – Raw Extending to Three Hours in July
In spite of WWE’s continual insistance that it is being overexposed, the USA Network has persuaded the company to make the PERMANENT switch to a three-hour Raw on Monday nights, starting July 23. Many immediately speculated that WWE might shoot to record its often-rumored Raw Pre-Game Show … WWE claims it plans to make the show more interactive for viewers.

TOP OF INDIES – NYWC Tonight in Deer Park, NY
New York Wrestling Connection will hold its annual Fusion show tonight in Deer Park, New York. For tickets and information, visit The show will be headlined by Stockade vs. now-former TNA star Anthony Nese for the Fusion title.

TNA Impact, Orlando, FL
–Bully Ray d Rob Van Dam [4:41] … AJ Styles w a 10-man Battle Royal [6:13] … TNA Women’s Knockout Champion Gail Kim d Velvet Sky and Brooke Tessmacher [2:19] to retain her title, pinning Tessmacher … Jeff Hardy p Mr. Anderson [7:17] … Kurt Angle b Samoa Joe [5:29].(05/17/2012)

TNA Impact Ratings
TNA Champion – Bobby Roode (W)

  1. X Austin Aries (2)
  2. Jeff Hardy (3)
  3. Rob Van Dam (1)
  4. Mr. Anderson (4)
  5. Bully Ray (6)
  6. Kurt Angle (7)
  7. AJ Styles (8)
  8. TV Devon (5)
  9. Christopher Daniels (9)
  10. Kazarian (10)

Women’s Ratings
Knockout Champion – Gail Kim (W)

  1. Velvet Sky (2)
  2. Brooke Tessmacher (1)
  3. Mickie James (-)

TBH.COM NEWS – The Fish Tank, The Papadon Show Feature Very Special Guests
Both The Fish Tank (Mondays LIVE 10:30 PM EST) and The Papadon Show (Thursdays LIVE 9:30 PM EST) took interaction with fans to a whole new level this week. Bobby Fish was shocked to receive an e-mail question of now-former TNA star Tony Nese, who asked “Why am I so much better than you?” A few nights later, Papadon was caught off guard on his own show when he received a caller from “Adam in South Philly,” who turned out to be none other than rising independent wrestling star Adam Cole! Check out both shows on!

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ITR On The Go

Photo by WWE

Issue 3: May 14-16, 2012

IN THE ROOM OTG is a new bi-weekly newsletter that will be featured on If you would like it delivered to your e-mail inbox, send a request to

TOP OF WWE – Mark Henry Needs Surgery
Former World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry posted on Twitter that he would be undergoing surgery today (Tuesday) for an undisclosed injury, presumably the groin injury that plagued him late last year and early this year. He also said that if he cannot return at the level at which he once competed, he will retire. Prior to his 2011 main-event push on Smackdown and title run, Henry had been very open about the fact that he would retire if he ever got a run as champion.

TOP OF TNA – TNA Sacrifice Pay-Per-View
TNA’s Sacrifice ppv from this past Sunday, May 13, 2012, is being touted as one of its best in years. TNA Sacrifice, Orlando, Florida–Daniels and Kazarian d TNA World Tag Champions Samoa Joe and Magnus  [8:34] to win the titles … Knockout Women’s Champion Gail Kim p Brooke Tessmacher [3:06]  to retain her title … TNA TV Champion Devon b Robbie E and Robbie T [7:34], pinning Robbie T to hold on to his title … Mr. Anderson p Jeff Hardy [17:44] in a #1 Contender’s Match … Crimson b Eric Young (with ODB) [4:18] … Austin Aries s Bully Ray [11:48] … Kurt Angle s AJ Styles [24:05] … TNA World Champion Bobby Roode d Rob Van Dam in a Ladder Match [] to retain his title.(05/13/2012)

TOP OF INDIES – Server Issue Complicates ROH Border Wars
Ring of Honor confirmed that a server issue made the streaming of its Toronto iPPV, “Border Wars,” from Toronto, impossible for thousands last Saturday, May 12, 2012. ROH officials will provide its June show from New York City, free of charge, for those who ordered. ROH Border Wars, Toronto, ONT, CA–Jay Lethal d Tommaso Ciampa [13:17] … Michael Elgin b Adam Cole [11:46] … Eddie Edwards d Rhino [18:31] … Lance Storm b Mike Bennett (with Maria Kanellis) [14:58] … ROH Tag Team Champions The Briscoes d Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team [21:29] … ROH TV Champion Roderick Strong b Fit Finlay [24:16] … Kevin Steen d ROH Heavyweight Champion Davey Richards [41:14] to win the title.(05/12/2012)

WWE Raw, Pittsburgh, PA–WWE Champion CM Punk and US Champion Santino Marella b World Champion Daniel Bryan and IC Champion Cody Rhodes [6:34] when Punk pinned Rhodes … Beth Phoenix p Alicia Fox [1:23] … Kane d The Big Show [5:20] … Brodus Clay, R-Truth, and Kofi Kingston b The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, and Jack Swagger [6:56] when Clay pinned The Miz … Chris Jericho d Randy Orton by disqualification [8:13] after interference by Sheamus.(05/14/2012)

WWE Raw Ratings
WWE Champion—CM Punk
1. Daniel Bryan (SD)
2. US Santino Marella
3. John Cena
4. Chris Jericho
5. Brodus Clay

WWE Smackdown Ratings
World Champion – Sheamus
1. Alberto Del Rio
2. IC Cody Rhodes
3. Randy Orton
4. Chris Jericho (Raw)
5. Ryback

Women’s Ratings
Diva’s Champion—Layla
1. Beth Phoenix (Raw)
2. Kelly Kelly (Raw)
3. Natalya (Smackd0wn)

TBH.COM NEWS – ITR SuperShow Tonight, The Fish Tank Debuts Live
tonight LIVE at 9:30 will be the monthly SuperShow, including WWE ppv predictions. In addition, The Fish Tank made its live debut last night (5/14/2012) on, and its replay will be available Thursday morning. Starting next week, its replay will be available the morning after. Also, make sure you submit a name for the new Papadon show, which will air live starting this Thursday at 9:30 PM EST. To submit a name and possibly win the new Papadon t-shirt, visit

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