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Admin: We here at TBH.com are fed up with the abusive treatment and continuous threats we have been getting from Harry. Brady has asked us to take over Harrys account and Brady has also FORCED Harry to meet with TBH doctors and have a psychological profile.

When Harry was asked for a statement, he responded “F*** this, don’t you people realise who I am? Just because I don’t play by Brady’s stupid rules, I must be crazy? Do you remember when he suspended me for breaking the wellness policy? Hello?! STRAIGHT EDGE! Whatever man, tell Hicks, I’ll meet with his doctors and they can test me.”

Harry also made several abusive comments about TNA. Check back here on the site for updates on Harry and whether What’s Wrong With Wrestling has a future.

We’re Taking Over!!

If you thought the take over of 2011 was interesting…

If you got bored during the TNABH V VOC incident…

Are you a fan of controversy….

This time, we arent JUST coming for this website. WWE says a revolution is coming, we say if you want something done right… Do it yourself. The powers that be over in Nashville must not be happy that their employee allowing me to continue to post my brand damaging remarks so please head on over to twitter and follow @InstantClassicH

Join us if you will, the trouble will be worth it. Good night and good luck.
Wrestling/Entertainment’s Greatest Villain
Harry Barnett

Next time on What’s Wrong With Wrestling

Next time on What’s Wrong With Wrestling: Build a roster.

We will both do our own take on a third WWE roster (ignoring NXT) including the rosters establishment, crowning champion(s) and various storylines.

Submit your own on the comment section below or on the facebook page.

We’ll also cover Heyman’s return to WWE, ROH Border Wars and anything else that goes on between now and the recording.

Tonight: A special Whats Wrong With Wrestling taping

As you know, Nathan and I are known for being total dicks. When planning this weeks episode of What’s Wrong With Wrestling, I thought we would have a special episode dedicated to making fun of everything from start to finish.

Submit your topics for what you want us to make fun of on the comment board below. Please note: Brady Hicks cannot be put forward as a topic, we spent most of last year doing that.

Also on the show, a preview of Border Wars (Yes, we’ll make fun of ROH).

What’s Wrong With Wrestling Newswire 05/12

I want to start off by saying it is 20 days to Christmas, I am extatic so forgive me if I am not burying anyone or anything.

We are very happy to be welcoming Vito Lograsso to our final LIVE What’s Wrong With Wrestling this Thursday at 11.30 EST / 6.30 GMT. We plan on returning to podcast next Friday at our usual time with an all new HD What’s Wrong With Wrestling, I have a new phone so we have an all new High Definition show!
We also plan on hopefully bringing on another guest before 2011 ends!

Would YOU want to make this man angry? I know I wouldn’t!

It is no secret that for quite some time, Nathan and I have been looking for a wrestling guest to be on the show. Yeah we had the incident with Hicks, I had my special podcasts with Fierro, Herro, Harrison and the soon to be uploaded Solomon episode but as of a few minutes ago I have arranged a guest for this Thursday LIVE on What’s Wrong With Wrestling, streaming out of¬†TheBradyHicks.com and blogtalkradio.com/whatswrongwithwrestling, The toughest man to ever wear a dress BIG VITO LOGRASSO!

WWE have upset Vito and he has alot to say about this, he will not be bullied!

Support Vito by heading over to his facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Big-Vito-LoGrasso/176177965810134 and by following him on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/teamnv

Check back throughout the week for updates on the live show.

The Takeover Continues!

Hey Brady, I may have said we wouldn’t shut your site down again and we would leave you alone but like I said… we aren’t done yet.

You see, you people would have just enjoyed what I described as the GREATEST show we have ever done!! and of course we are well on our way to winning all of the Who’s Slammies we are nominated for.

Speaking of awards, Brady stole that idea from me before I had the chance to announce my own awards. What’s Wrong With Wrestling will have our very own prestigious first annual award show 3 or 4 weeks from now.

The categories are:
– “Who?” of the year.
– “……Really?!” of the year.
– Star of the year.
– Guest of the year.
– Show of the year.
– Feud of the year
– We hate _______ award.

Not all nominations for each award are complete but you can already vote for guest of the year. Nominees are: Brady Hicks (aka. The Source), Tommy Fierro’s podcast return, Brian Solomon’s yet to be aired podcast return, David Herro promoting GLCW & Pro Wrestling Report, Andre Harrison’s podcast debut or Mr Akbaz (What’s Wrong With Wrestling’s first and only caller so far).

Other nominations for other awards will be posted in the coming days. Until then, it’s bedtime so im out of here.

What’s Wrong With… The Host?!

Well, it’s a strange week to be said. I didn’t think I would be returning to this site let alone writing for it again. To channel my inner Armando Estrada….. “For those of you who haven’t heard… ha ha” The Source’s identity was revealed this past Saturday.
Some may know who he is via facebook, twitter or on other sites that the show is posted but then again, most of you here at TBH.co will not, I’ll leave it until my show is posted for you to find out. I refuse to comment on the situation until then also.

So that moves me onto this week, Im thinking of giving TNA another chance. I mean they’ve just made *** Yes a SPOILER ahead *** James Storm, the new World TNA Champion and although you may not like this or think it is stupid, I like it. They may have made it happen in a stupid way but I like it. I will follow up on this on my show along with a RAW review.

Until then internet fooooooooooooools, I leave you now to go back to my metropolis mansion to play my DC Universe Online on PS3. It’s been a great week and now it ends great.
HA you think they bought all of that crap? Hey wait, is this thing still on.. oops!!!!!!!!!!

Do you want WWE 12… FOR FREE?

Photo by WWE

Do you want the chance to win a copy of WWE 12? All you have to do is like What’s Wrong With Wrestling, Brady Hicks (Pro Wrestling Illustrated) and DJ (In The Room) on facebook and quote the password on one or all of the pages for the chance to win a copy of WWE 12. The better the response for this competition will mean the more copies of the game available!

Password #1 is: “Who is The Source?!”

– Passwords change on a random occasion, it could be revealed one day via twitter, another via TBH.com, on ITR, WWWW or maybe even via video!
– You must like all 3 pages in order to win!
– To stand a better chance of winning a copy you should post every password that is given in the next week weeks.
– Competition ends two weeks before the game is released
– Anyone worldwide can enter and you can chose which system you want the game on!

The winners will be drawn out of a hat via video! Good luck and start liking and posting the password NOW!

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