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AS I SEE IT 9/23 Monday Night RAW Drinking Game

Was anyone really surprised at Daniel Bryan getting the title yanked off of him last Monday? Or that it took that long?

So…this week, time for the WWE Monday Night RAW Drinking Game. You know the drill: when ridiculously common things happens on Monday Night RAW; have a drink of your favorite adult beverage.

Hint: Keep in mind that you need to have dinner first to get something in your stomach. Additional munchies may also be necessary throughout the night. Have a comfortable place to nod off, too.


AS I SEE IT 9/16: The firing of Jim Ross

At least until the inevitable HHH promo finding some way to take it away from him due to a “fast count”, Daniel Bryan is the WWE Champion. Enjoy it while you can.

Meanwhile, if the McMahon-Helmsley Era v. 2.0 wasn’t bad enough, now WWE fired Jim Ross over the WWE 2K14 press conference, at which Ric Flair went into an off-message and possibly alcohol-assisted story-telling session where WWE blamed Ross, feeling he didn’t keep Flair in line.


AS I SEE IT 8/26

It will be 14 years on September 8…the 14th anniversary of Brian Hildebrand’s passing after fighting a two year battle against cancer.

There are few people within wrestling who were held in such universally high regard at the time of their passing. When people eulogized Brian, the words they used weren’t the kind that social obligation or courtesy often require. Lots of people become posthumous heroes. Brian was one for the two years of his fight, and was an inspiration to many within wrestling for all the years her worked within the business long before that.

The words used by all who knew him, worked with him, and were fans of him, were deep and heartfelt, epitomized by Mick Foley, when he said about Brian in his best-selling book Mankind: Have A Nice Day: “Brian brought out all the better angels of our nature”.



Well, the thought police are back. Thought they were done with the defeat of the Parents Television Council, didn’t you?

This time, the thought police are after MMA….and not in New York state, where UFC has been fighting to get the sport made legal in the state.

On August 14, UFC will come to Boston, MA with “Ultimate Fighting Champion Homecoming,” a PR event to celebrate the return of the sport to Boston.


AS I SEE IT 6/17

As most of you know,, the flagship site of this column, focuses on coverage and promotion of independent wrestling. As someone who happily shills independent wrestling promotions whenever possible, one of the things that pisses me off is the way independent promotions seems to have no sense about the basic sorts of things that they need to do to promote their product.

Instead, some promoters seem to think that the way to draw is to hold grudges against any independent promotion operating in their area. They’ll take shots at these competitors online or in print. They’ll tell their talent: if you work for [insert name of competitor], I won’t book you on my shows. They’ll hold multi-promotion tournaments, and not invite the largest one in their area…who just happens to be said competitor. They’ll deliberately run shows against even charity-themed promotions, try calling local police to disrupt their shows…and all sorts of fun things like that.


AS I SEE IT 6/10

Combat Zone Wrestling continued its yearly tradition this past weekend with CZW Tournament of Death XII yesterday at Markland’s Little Acres (AKA The Ultraviolent Underground) in Townsend, DE.

The iPPV is now available at It aired on 24 hour delay.

It was stated that the Delaware State Athletic Commission was preventing MASADA from wrestling, likely due to his knee injury.



A few weeks back, I did a review on “Animal” , the biography of George “The Animal” Steele. Steele will appear this Tuesday evening on Alan Wojcik’s Kayfabe Wrestling Radio to talk about the book, available in hardcover and for Kindle and Nook (via Barnes and Noble’s website)