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Hart Dynasty


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With the death of Owen Hart, and British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith; as well Bret Hart’s stroke and other health problems, I thought the death of the Empire was finally crumbling. But than WWE bought in Natalya, Tyson Kidd and Harry Smith, which was great but as a Hart fan since birth something just didn’t feel the same.  I grew up in a Stampede Wrestling house, my Grandfather walked acrossSaskatchewanwheat fields to watch Stu Hart’s promotion on the neighbours black and white television. My parents would go faithfully to live events inEdmontonto watch a young Bret Hart pave his way in history. The Hart Empire, had world wide appeal but with a localised twist, I never thought that I could witness a return of “Stampede” or a “Hart dynasty return” in such an intimate venue.

But low and behold, Harry Smith received his dismissal from the WWE by violating their so called “Heath and Wellness” program, I always thought it was a cheap way out for lack of creativity on WWE’s part. Than on March 17 2012 I stumbled on a poster in a Casino Lobby, it was Lance Storm’s promotion Prairie Wrestling Alliance. Harry Smith was world champion and I had to go, I enjoyed the matches, the guys were talented and entertaining, they had their gimmicks, the heels were heels and the heroes were the heroes, as each match kept coming I felt like a four year old watching Stampede with my family, shocked and bewildered on how these men could do such amazing moves and still get up to walk out. Than there was an autograph signing during intermission, it was with Harry Smith.  As I got my autograph and a picture, I realised this Harry, was much more relaxed, and friendly than the WWE superstar I meet two years prior, who looked tired, and life less like a production puppet he had to be.  His match against “M” was very entertaining, I was on the edge of my seat, and yelling “go Harry” and I was happy, excited and nervous but all in all I found my love for wrestling again. Than as the match was done Harry took the time to circle the ring and greet everyone that was ringside, when he got to me I snuck in a hug, in that moment I was hugging a piece of the men I had admired, loved and respected, for I was holding a piece of Bret, Owen and Davey Boy Smith all at once. It was a dream come true to hug a piece of history in my arms.  Thank You; Harry.

Move Over Hugh Heffner, the Hulkster is coming

Photo by Impact Wrestling

Hulk Hogan has a sex tape and is pissed about it, threatening to sue anyone who wishes to promote it or distribute the damn thing, but come on Hulkster this could be an adventure. Hulk Hogan could turn Hulkimania into Pornimania.  Hulk could make all his old movies, and air them angelscamp.org on his own network, giving WWE and most porn channels a Preuzmite (ili igrajte u instantnoj flash verziji bez potrebnog preuzimanja) i iskusite nase besplatne suomikasino online igre bez potrebnog depozita i kada vjerujete da mozete zaigrati za stvarni novac, jamcimo vam jedinstveni bonus na prvi depozit od 150% sve do 600€!Sigurnost i Pouzdanost – Nase transakcije potpuno su osigurane enkripcijskom tehnologijom, dosezuci najvise standarde koji se danas primjenjuju u online casinima. run for their money, brother. The ratings would turn red and yellow if he had “Celebrity sex tape challenge”, where celebrities compete to having the best sex ever. Hogan could also giveDixieand Vince McMahon another run by starting his own wrestling promotion, the Naked Wrestling Order.  Here Hogan could relive his career, wrestling such greats as Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Sting, Nash, of course we seen all of these matches time and again, but this time they will be in the Buff and I don’t mean Bagwell. Hulk its time to think retirement and new chapters, why fans every where will be saying their prayers when the Hulkster and his python are jacked up on vitamins and running wild on Pornimania.


Happy Birthday Brady

Photo by Kevin McElvaney


I am so embarrassed to be a female fan; concerning the accidental runs over of AJ by the Big Show. A MULE DEER, nature’s dumbest animal sees a 500 pound smart car, blinded by its headlights; it tries and gets the hell out of the way.  AJ as an in ring competitor you are supposed to have in ring awareness, weather you are a wrestler or valet; your closest exits were under the ring or threw the crowd.  We couldn’t have you lift a chair or set a possible table up for those things weigh more than you.

As for your choice of men, she picked Daniel Bryan??? A man who doesn’t own a television and apparently neither an electric razor; that can’t win against a giant casino online in a fair fit.  Why when faced with the Big Show and Mark Henry, he tucked his beloved belt against his scrawny figure and ran like the yellow belly, chicken he is. AJ why didn’t you chose PWI’s very own Brady Hicks?  Brady can write, he is the Jim Ross of our time announcer, takes great pictures, and run numerous web sites. If ever faced against the Big Show or Mark Henry I am sure that Brady would stay and fight. AJ learn from this, and while at it eat a Big Mac.

Phantom of the Grocery Store

Photo by WWE

  Over the years Dusty Rhodes has had some problems with Dustin.  Dustin like every unruly teenager went through a “strange” period, dressing up in golden robes, inhaling and exhaling his name, quoting movies and wearing a blonde wig.  However the two got threw this rough patch, now Dusty should be worried with the runt of theRhodesclan, Cody Rhodes.  First there is the “injury” crisis; Cody went from heart throb to a grotesque monster, I wonder when and if Cody was ever in fact pretty, and why would he exposé us to his ugliness, Cody you should be wearing a full coloured mask. Maybe a full covered body suit such as a Crash Test Dummy would wear, for he will need it, in case he ever gets his butt severely whopped by the likes of Mark Henry, the Big Show or Randy Orton. 

            Than there is the Grocery Store fetish, I agree with the brown bags, I need something to puke in while I watch and listen to this brat.  But his bag boys are faster than any retailers store help is, which could be a threat to the retail industry if Cody ever wants to open his own store.  Now Cody is offering receipts to his opponents, and where is young Cody going to print this off from?  That toilet paper wedged in between his two checks, is not a receipt. Dusty I would have a talk with your boy, before he comes off with a return policy, a debit/credit reader, and cash starts flowing out of his ass.


Titan Tyrant

Photo by WWE

The power of being COO has really going to Triple H’s head, he is firing Nash, an old and dear friend, and now he has fired the Miz and R-Truth.  Miz and R Truth were an incredible tag team, trying to make a name Online casino for themselves; sure at Night of Champions they roughed up a couple of ref’s but really, those ref’s were honoured just to be best online casino noticed. Triple H was going to make the Miz and Truth suffer by paying 250 000, where was Truth going to get that kind of money from?  His music; His TNA ROYALITIES, didn’t the pawn shop revoke his banjo from his first departure from the WWE?  Triple H is going to burry the WWE if he keeps the pink slips flowing, and TNA just may find treasure in WWE’s unemployment line.

Combined Crap

Photo by WWE

Well WWE has awakened to the realization that they can no longer keep Raw away from Smackdown, so they have combined the two making it Super Crap.  WWE has the in ring talent and could find more at the tip of their finger nails; the US alone has wrestlers, wrestling schools and promotions on every corner. But what WWE is lacking is creative people; that can help these wrestlers develop gimmicks to make them interesting to fans. Why is Nunzio or Little Guido a WWE REF? This man still has talent, looks awesome, casino jameshallison why isn’t he teamed with Santino Marella to form a new version of the F.B.I? Why is Dustin Runnels in the back, he should have a brief feud with his ugly half brother Cody, giving him a stunning make over. As for the catch lines, they can be compared to that of flat lines on a heart trace monitor. WWE needs to bring Creativity back.


The Eagle vs. the Egg.

Photo by WWE

Should Jack Swagger really go with Vickie Guerrero or should he have stuck with his loveable mascot, the Soaring Eagle.  Vickie was Eddie Guerrero’s wife for many years and who knows she may have influenced Eddie’s career and title victory behind the scenes. Than in 2005 she picked up the Guerrero Legacy and ran with it, debuting and keeping an on air role is very hard to do in the wrestling business.  She became GM of Smackdown managed Edge, another legend in the WWE; and lead him to glory.  However the mascot was better looking than Vickie, he never screamed on the microphone with an annoying catch phrase, sure the guy had cotton for brains, but anyone willing to invest their wisdom in a former cheer leader (Dolph Ziggler) has cotton for brains.

Perfect Tag Team

Photo by WWE

After years of watching the tag team division become non-existence, I think WWE has finally found the duo that could revive; the tag team division. The team of John Cena and Sheamus, both men are former world champions who are at the end Netti kasino tuo joustavuuden sinne missa sita ei voi vastustaa. of their ropes. But together this team can be tag team champions until they become old and retire.  These guys could even bring a major sponsor on board, McDonalds. Why with Sheamus looking like Ronald McDonald and Cena wearing that red uniform looks like a short order cook, these two could cash in and cash in big time. Look out Air Boom, for Cena and Sheamus might serve your asses back to you, the question is do you want fires with that ass happy meal?

Night time commentary, the next day time Talk Show?

Photo by reviewstl.com

WWE has a gold mine right underneath them and don’t even know it, in the WWE announce team.  Jim Ross is the Barbara Walters, upholding journalist integrity until they open their mouths and express themselves. Booker T has been five time world champion, with the cool dreads and the voice of the Wolf man, but really can we recall Sister Act?  Jerry casino Lawler’s puppy references are as old as Joy Behar.  Michael Cole is the Shepard who tries to pull a Whoopi over our eyes but jealously will get you no where. Finally the glue, the ref, and babysitter, Josh Matthews but like Hasselback does anybody listen?  Ladies of the View, I would be very careful for the voices of WWE will Smack you down with their Raw view.


New Use For An Old Flame

Photo by deviantART

Since he was thrown out on his ass by his son in law, Vince McMahon is probably looking for something to do with his spare time, than babysit for his spoiled daughter and super rich son in law.  He could do what every old, misused or no longer needed WWE star has done, join TNA.  TNA is a great company, located in the lovely retirement village ofOrlandoFlorida; Vince would be a shoe in. Why casino online TNA is full of handicap parking for the elderly and I heard that they serve prune juice and easy to chew foods backstage. Vince could reunite with his friends Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, recount the times that they all left WWE; tried to bury the WWE only to come back crawling on their knees for a job.  Russo could give Vinnie Mac, a cool entrance, a cool gimmick, why Vince could redevelop his old 80’s musical gimmick. Vinnie could also giveDixielots of advice, from running a successful Pay per View, to not letting the nuts run her show. So Vince doesn’t want to commit to a long term contract, I say go ahead, you don’t have to show up half the time, Hogan and Bischoff just call in when they don’t want to show up. Vince TNA has been waiting for you, its your home away from the home.


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