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Bound To Glory Days.

Photo By Impact Wrestling

So after some post Conclave down time I have returned to give my thoughts on the world of wrestling. First up is TNA’s Bound For Glory PPV this Sunday. This PPV is supposedly the biggest of the year, the culmination, their answer to WrestleMania. Well last years was rubbish and this one doesn’t look like it will be any better and if anything shows just how bad things in TNA are right now. (more…)

All Your Eggs In The Wrong Basket.

Photo by TNA

If you listened to ITR this week (why wouldn’t you?) they brought up a very good point I think a lot of people agree with which is that in the top two promotions, the two biggest and most well crafted feuds just happen to revolve around people no one gives a damn about. This leads to two questions. First, why are they doing it? And secondly, why can’t they put all that effort somewhere else where it is needed? (more…)

Da (Pretty) Bad Guy.

Photo by TNAWrestling

A news story that seems to be causing a bit of a stir at the moment is that of Scott Hall turning up to a show wasted and making a fool out of himself. Now I have read a few bits and pieces including what a certain someone thinks over at the site that shall not be named and I feel the need to go on another one of my self-righteous rants again. (more…)

It Doesn’t Matter What Your Name Is!

Photo by WWE

So WWE finally did it. No longer are they World Wrestling Entertainment but rather just WWE inc. This is something that has been talked about for quite some time, that WWE were going to take another big step away from being a professional wrestling organization. Ironically though they have also removed the ‘Entertainment’ part from their name and to me that is the real thing they are lacking right now. (more…)

Time,Talent or Our Patience:What Did WWE Run Out Of?

Photo by WWE

I like everyone else just watched WrestleMania 27 and while it wasn’t the worst PPV I have ever seen (this year) there were certainly a whole lot of things wrong with it. From the bottom of the card to the top, planning and execution was bad and I don’t think there is any real excuse for it. Now obviously I can’t pretend to understand the complexities of running a live event the size of WrestleMania. What I can say however is that WWE do and should still know how to do it right. (more…)

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